The Top Dollar Costume Series: Cheerleaders Stripping in College

May 8 2010
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They’re beautiful.  They’re popular.  They’re unattainable for the common man.  They’re… cheerleaders stripping in college!

In our first installment of the Top Dollar Costume Series, we’ll have a look at the ubiquitous cheerleader, one of the most sizzling hot fantasy personas in strip clubs today.

And men sure do love them, don’t they? The stereotype runs strong in our culture: Cheerleaders are young, naïve, and ready for a good time after all that hard, acrobatic labor—or so the fantasy goes.

That’s why college cheerleader costumes are some of the highest-grossing exotic dance outfits on the market.

There are a lot of reasons that the cheerleader fantasy is so popular, but it ultimately boils down to a simple fact: Most of the men in the audience were never able to land one in high school.

And it’s no secret that the world of exotic dance is driven by fantasy:  Men, women and couples come to a strip club to live an experience that they would otherwise only dream about

Thankfully, the athleticism of exotic dancing lends itself well to creating the cheerleader fantasy, but there are a few things you’ll have to keep in mind if you want to pull it off.

First, consider the stereotypes. Unfortunately, people consider Cheerleaders as vain, skinny, snobbish, and probably blonde. But the key to their charm is their projection of teasing innocence—each wants you to think that she couldn’t possibly be a bad girl!

Work the perky, faux-innocent cheerleader charm to the hilt, but consider that there are a lot of cheerleaders stripping in college, and you’ll need to find a way to stand out.

This is why working against the physical stereotypes can make such a huge impression. Are you an olive-skinned Mediterranean beauty, or a plus-size babe with curves to spare?

You may have pegged yourself as a natural harem girl or belly dancer, but try a cheerleader outfit on for size and you may just be surprised at the enthusiastic reaction you’ll get!

If a cheerleader dance outfit doesn’t feel enough like “you” when you first try it on, don’t assume that you can’t rock the costume.

Just put on some upbeat music during your private practice sessions and try it out for a while.

Make a silly joke of it if it suits you; you might even come up with a great original routine! Everyone loves a girl that doesn’t take herself too seriously, so a comic touch with erotic sensibilities is always a hit.

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    • 4 Responses to “The Top Dollar Costume Series: Cheerleaders Stripping in College”
      1. Diana says:

        I used to be a cheerleader but it NEVER occurred to me to use that as a dance persona. I really miss it and this would be SOOO much fun! This is great, Thanks!!!

      2. Renne says:

        I want to be a goth stripper. Does anybody do that? Will the suits with all the money like that?

      3. Jenn says:

        Diana, I’m glad I could help! Get on with your sexy self!

      4. Jenn says:

        Renne, you CAN be a gothic stripper, but it is better to use ACCENTS of goth and not go all out in extremity. In other words, you would scare your customers away if you do the deal heavy, but if you use bracelets and boots to accentuate and add a little bit of color to your wardrobe, your customer will get the edgy feel of having a bad girl without going over the cliff! 😉

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