The Top 10 Mistakes that Exotic Dancers Make in Their Clubs

Jan 1 2012
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Any attractive lady can be an exotic dancer!

Exotic Dancers come from all walks of life!

Exotic Dancers are certainly a special group of ladies!  You work so hard every night — hoping that you can make something of your life, provide for yourself and a family, pay your way through school, fund a business or other hobbies, and ultimately– you want to be someone. In my previous post entitled, How to Decide Whether or Not You Should Become an Exotic Dancer, I talked about some of the pitfalls and pros of the trade and how to steer clear of making the most common mistakes that most strippers make.

This post adds to the concept of avoiding mistakes to make your career much more profitable.  Night after night during my exotic dancing career I saw entertainers making the following 10 mistakes and it hit them right where it counts every time – their pocket book!  They would go home broke, frustrated, or knowing they could have done way better.  However, they kept repeating their mistakes not knowing what they were doing wrong.

Without further ado, you will find the top 10 mistakes that entertainers make belowI’ve committed my fair share of these myself and I am resolutely determined to help YOU to avoid the following heartache that will make you unsatisfied with your career and make your club want to fire you!


Exotic Dancers are sophisticated

Don't be so serious - have some fun with your exotic dancing career!

1. Don’t talk about yourself and your problems with customers.  The customer wants a fantasy experience of admiration, fun and erotic appeal.  Your customers don’t pay a cover charge, rack up a drink tab, and purchase lap dances to hear about more problems! They have enough of those already!  They come to a club to escape reality and find an attractive lady to talk to and interact with who is somewhat intelligent, happy, and maintains a sense of humor!

The Solution:  Do a voluntary exercise –find a customer, go up to them and introduce yourself with a firm handshake and eye contact, and then sit there with that customer and find out about THEM.  Get THE CUSTOMER talking by asking them questions.  Then watch the dollars come in as the cares of the world are washed away by you instead of being enlarged by you!  It’s a tough nut to break but if you are willing to take the risk to break or avoid bad habits the results will be life changing for you.  I’ve personally witnessed the transformation many times.



Strippers Dancing to Music

Dance to Music that Your Customers Want to Hear!

2. Don’t dance to music that you like with no regard to what the customer wants to hear.  Just because a song has great dance-ability and it’s in the latest platinum album that you’ve purchased doesn’t mean that your customers have the same taste as you.  And it doesn’t mean that they will even sit there and continue listening, drinking, and buying lap dances if the music to their ears sounds more like noise.  Also, slow songs with no excitement and rhythm are more likely to make your patrons fall asleep than be turned on!

The Solution:  Most men in their 30’s and 40’s like music from the 1980’s and older men with money often like to hear classic rock tunes.  Many clubs play some techno remixes, which also works well to keep the energy up.  Ethnicities present will determine much of the style of music.  You will get tipped more on stage if you ask your customer what type of music they like and ask them what song they would like to hear.  Then, you can communicate with the DJ and everyone makes more money!



Exotic Dancers are business women

Write Down Your Schedule and Arrive Early.

3. Don’t wait until the last minute to show up to work when you can arrive early and create a much more profitable evening.   Have you ever found yourself strolling into work right at the cut-off when your house fee is the most expensive!?  By doing this you are rushing yourself to “hurry and make money,” so you aren’t in the hole from your house fee, and you’re not laying a proper foundation for the evening by getting some early-bird lap dances under your belt, which will give you the confidence you need to not stress about the money so much and in turn, you make more money overall!

The Solution:  The key for you to maximize your profits on this matter is for you to show up sometime around or before 6pm!  You will continue to make less than $500 per night unless you put in more hours and take advantage of some of the clients that frequent your club during the day AND at night.  It is great for your club too because the more entertainers you have that work earlier, the more customers you will eventually have in the earlier hours buying from you.  It’s a win-win!


This exotic dancer is doing her quicken

Manage Your dancing career like a business!


4. Some entertainers don’t care about a customer after they get a few dances out of him.  These ladies don’t see the trees as a forest.  Meaning – all they care about is paying their rent next week and making that quick buck tonight.  They don’t understand the value of a patron over the lifetime of their career.  This causes tens of thousands of dollars if not millions to be left on the table.

The Solution:  Develop regular clientele and engage your customers as a business relationship.  It’s ok for you to up sell!  Once a customer buys something from you they are 5x more likely than a non-buying customer to buy something again either right then or in the future!  If you learned a few sales skills you could easily turn a one-lap dance customer into a multiple-hour VIP customer bringing in big money for everyone.



Grumpy exotic dancers ruin their customer's experience.

Is life really that bad? Don't forget to smile! 😉

5. Would YOU tip a grumpy dancer who never smiles?  This is a huge mistake that many entertainers make – not smiling on stage!  Or EVER!  They look so serious and seductive that they forget to add some bounce and charisma to their step, which is what men love the MOST!

The Solution:  MAKE YOURSELF laugh!  Think about everyone in his or her underwear!  Or think about a funny or dirty joke while you are dancing so you at least grin more!  Sometimes you just need a good stand-up comedy to watch on Netflix and then you can go into work happier!





Angry Strippers don't make customers happy

This isn't your prettiest face, beleive me!

6. “I OWN MY CUSTOMERS AND THEY ARE MINE!”  So many dancers think that their customers are theirs ONLY instead of belonging to the club.  If anyone else so much as LOOKS at their customer, they are in a cat fight in the dressing room before you know it!  They have spent so much time with this customer – how dare that customer come into the club one day and want a dance from someone else!

The Solution:  I usually have to use case studies for my ladies to help them understand that no one wins with this mentality.  One of them is:  The first dancer will lose that customer because it will come across as needy and ruin the fantasy, the second dancer won’t be able to make as much money as she could have because the customer will have this scenario in the back of his mind, the club will obviously lose a patron – and in the end the customer is the one who suffers because his needs aren’t being met, which is why he is there in the first place!  He will then become a patron of the competing club in your area, and you will probably get fired if you caused too much of a hubbub!



Johnny Depp is a Stripper

What would Johnny Depp Do?

7. Two Words:  Cut Throat.   Many entertainers view their fellow dancers as competition that must be stifled. This is similar to most “commission sales jobs” in the “Real World” so you have to have the stomach for that kind of sales environment to be successful in a sales job in or out of the club.

They think other dancers are taking away their potential money and so they won’t help the newbies, they’ll also take a customer that is talking with another dancer (a BIG no-no), and I’ve even seen some exotic dancers steal another entertainer’s money!

The Solution:  Make a point to introduce yourself to everyone and develop a culture of unity and family in your club where everyone looks out for one another.  To make friends you have to be a friend – but keep it professional.  We don’t live in a communist country where there are only so many slices of the pie for making money, we live in America where the sky is the limit and free market capitalism makes your money earning potential infinite!



Strippers are Angels

Be a decent dancer who is smart!

8. More Money for Pandering?  There are a group of entertainers that think that they will make more money if they take the “easy way.”  They say that if you’ve been in the business long enough, you learn that doing sexual favors is the only way to stay afloat, and that “everyone is doing it” behind the curtains!

The Solution:  Stay away from those dancers and report them to management!  Not only does pandering cheapen an entertainer’s position for making money, it is illegal in most states and gives our industry a bad reputation.  Every club owner I have talked to will fire a dancer on the spot if they are caught doing this.  Ladies, sexual favors are NO way to run a successful exotic dancing business!  You are selling the FANTASY, and when it becomes a reality you’re defeating the purpose of doing what you do – classy, fun, clean entertainment.





The Wealthiest Dancers work WITH other staff.

9.  Most entertainers do not tip out the DJ, House Mom, Bouncers, and waitresses/bartenders appropriately.  If your club participates in “tipping out,” you know this to be true.  Too many times dancers will make $800 (for example) and only tip their bouncer around $10 or less!  They feel that they “earned” all of their money by themselves – so they are going to keep it!

The Solution:  Smart entertainers know that cultivating a good relationship with their bouncers and other staff will help them to find high paying customers.  Personally, I have made tens of thousands of dollars because of this single solitary issue.  My bouncers knew I was going to take very good care of them if they sent the high rollers my way – which usually involved lots of champagne, liquor, and sales for the club and myself!  This is just one example of many case studies as to how a dancer and a club profit much more off of a tip-out system that works in everyone’s favor!




Strippers go to Waffle House after work!

The fat and carbs so late make a perfect scenario for fat abs, hips, and thighs!

10. Late Night Binge at Waffle House!  This comes with the territory of working all evening to find yourself starving and hungry – with your local breakfast diner being the only restaurant open!  So many entertainers and club-goers for that matter find themselves stumbling and drooling into these places and eating everything in sight.  What a way to add those inches to your midsection and chase those customers away!

The Solution:  Have healthy but energizing snacks for yourself in the dressing room.  This does not include candy bars and potato chips.  You need low-sugar protein bars, fruit and veggie snacks with some complex carbs in the mix so you have stamina to dance on and off stage.  If you have a kitchen in your club, the chefs could whip up something filling but healthy for you so you have a hot meal and energy to last all evening.  If you let your appetite go until you are starving you will just end up getting sugar cravings and eating everything in sight.  Keep your body physically sexy by developing healthy habits for yourself at the club!




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    • 14 Responses to “The Top 10 Mistakes that Exotic Dancers Make in Their Clubs”
      1. Melissa says:

        Which is better …. Working in D.C. At a nude club with no lap dances & no house fee or, work in a topless club in Richmond,va with a house fee and lap dances . Selling is not my strong skill dancing is. Thanks 🙂

        • Jenn says:

          Melissa, these are all great questions! There is so much more that goes into choosing the best club than lap dances and house fees, as you well know! However, these two things are biggies. Question: if they don’t do dances in D.C., what is your main source of income? Can you explain the sales process? With this information I can better answer your questions. Also, what is the club in Richmond, VA like? Have you tried it out? Sometimes the best decision factor is experience. Perhaps you can try both clubs out and do an experiment – work at both clubs on the same nights of the week during the same hours you would want to work – and alternate. Then you can decide for yourself which one you like best. I encourage establishing yourself at one main venue so that you can build regular clientele. If you keep to a regular schedule and let your customers know when they can find you at the club, you are more likely to get more consistent results no matter which club you choose. As far as house fees – ladies always like to gripe about them – but it’s simply the cost of doing business. Without taking the risk of putting your money down at the club and renting that space, you wouldn’t have an opportunity to make much MORE money on the back-end. For being a business owner, stripping is the best! There are so little costs when you compare it to owning or doing anything else, like what it costs to run a Target or your local retail boutique. I hope this helps!

          Reply back and let me know more details – and write to me about which club you choose and why! I’m sure the ladies would love to hear it! Thanks so much for commenting and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


      2. leo says:

        What sucks is that I have been in the entertainment business for years, mostly as management. When I moved to Texas it seemed to become an issue to hire a female manager! This issue was with the other managers and some of the dancers, mainly due to seeing right through their bs. I did not tolerate much and all of what I have read here I have implemented with many of the young ladies that I have came across. I wish you the best!

        • Jenn says:

          Leo – very good observation! I appreciate your comments and contribution to our discussion! That is always warmly welcome! I know what you are saying. It seems as though there are very little female managers and/or club owners even in this day and age. I think that a smart, intelligent woman who was also an entertainer could be a powerful tool in our industry to straighten out the state of affairs. When you’ve worked from the bottom and you know what entertainers go through from personal experience yourself it adds another dynamic that can be very positive for the ladies in the club. I’m glad you have found success implementing these tried and true principles!

          Can you tell us how you as a manager have effectively wielded your own entertainers to be assets to themselves as well as the club? What have you tried that has worked, and typically does not work in telling entertainers what to do?

          Thanks so much!


      3. jess says:

        I m really interested in the mistake of “Cut Throught” and “All customers are mine”. Loads of dancers in my club doing this all the time. Some of them even sit on my customer’s lap when i talking to a customer and shouting the customer is hers. What should i do when they cut my dances and spread some rumors to make everyone against me just because i earn more?

        • Jenn says:

          Jess – VERY good questions and observations! Yes, yes, the situation of dealing with another dancer that is cut-throating you. There are a few different approaches for nice dancers like you to take. First is talk with club management and ask them to help. Tell them you are trying to run a respectable, clean and customer-friendly business here and that you constantly have these annoying dancers who are trying to cut your throat. Ask them to tell the other dancer to stop doing that. If you cultivate a good relationship with your managers and even your bouncers or DJ – they will back you up in times like this. I’ve gone and told my bouncers that another girl was cutthroating me as we speak, and she would be sitting with my customer right then as I walked away somewhat aggravated to inform the bouncers and ask for help (and they saw the whole thing also), and then I went to sit back down to be with that customer, and the bouncer tapped the other girl who was sitting with us on the shoulder to come and have a word with him, and that was that! It drew her away from the situation and the bouncers told her she had to play fair!

          The other method of stopping this from happening is the customer preferred method. This is where, when the other dancer comes and starts to be an issue, you look at the customer with that look and say, “Hey darlin, why don’t we get out of here and re-locate so we can go and have a good time.” And then you take his hand and gently pull him out of his chair, grab his drink for him, and go and sit somewhere else with him, or better yet if you can pull off taking him to a Champagne room right in front of her, do it. You don’t want the customer to have to choose, because that puts them in an awkward position. You want to make the decision for him and if he is really into you, he will do what you ask. Guys like being told what to do a lot of times!

          The third and last-resort method is killing her with kindness. If she is doing this to you – politely excuse yourself AND her from your customer and say that you have to go and talk about girlie girl stuff, and then say, “Look, I really like you and I’m not sure if you know exactly what you are doing in this situation. I’ll make a deal with you – if you let me have my customer back, I’ll help you find another customer you can go and talk to right now.” Then all you have to do is look around the club, find a nicely dressed gentleman and point her in that direction. Make it seem like you are her big sister or a mentor or her mother. She obviously needs help to conduct herself in a more mature fashion than what she is doing, so if you help her to get away from the situation, than you can have your customer in peace!

          Another way of handling it is to tell the other dancer that she cannot sit with a customer if another dancer is already there – you can be intimidating in a nice way to where the other dancers know not to mess with you. You just have to stand up for yourself and make sure that you and everyone else that affects you is playing by the rules!

      4. K says:

        #8 is of concern to me, as I’ve found it present in EVERY club I’ve worked at. Too often that issue is overlooked or dismissed. I would appreciate if major players in this industry would devote more attention to talking about and ultimately weeding out this degrading, dirty and harmful practice.

        • Jenn says:

          Bella, you are absolutely right – unfortunately there is dirty business in every business everywhere. All we can do is go in and do our jobs and give our customers a better alternative – and by doing this you will be able to make more money and look at your face in the mirror every day having nothing to be ashamed of.

          I agree – any time you have a rampant problem like this it is the management and ownership that you can look to. They have a choice whether or not they want to do business legally – and they make that choice every time they see it and do or do not take action. But don’t worry – it will catch up with them and it’s just a matter of time before all of that is going to change. Government (unfortunately) gets bigger and bigger every day so the intricacies of many businesses (especially ones like ours that walk the line) will be exposed. The ones that choose to run their clubs respectfully will also be exposed – in a good way!

          Even more importantly, for some reason these ladies who resort to pandering — are grown-ups!!! They make decisions themselves. They know what they are doing and they know they are breaking the law by doing this. On the flip side of lackadaisical ownership, I’ve worked in clubs where management strictly enforces the “no touch” rules and all of the girls end up being more high end, more educated, have a higher caliber clientele, but there still may be one or two ladies who are getting away with extra favors that they cannot catch because they are so good at hiding it.

          The clubs who are operating responsibly do not deserve to be reprimanded for this because they try and do everything in their power to stop it. After all, the ladies are their OWN business women and they should be held responsible for their own actions. The clubs who are blatantly turning their head and running pimp services and other things on the side always get exposed and shut down in the end.

          It is unfortunate that the bad clubs make the good clubs look bad. There is so much positivity and life changing that happens in the GOOD direction for these ladies in a club that is nurturing. That is my mission – to tell the world that this is a positive, helpful industry for so many families. It’s our first amendment right to be able to express ourselves and do business in exotic dance. Eventually, the rest will be weeded out by simply going out of business…

      5. Ali says:

        Hey, I understand that in order to keep the customers interested you have to ask them open-ended questions about themselves but what if they start repeatedly asking questions about you and your life outside of work? Do you be honest or have a cover story?

      6. Lana Dancer says:

        Hi Jennifer. I have a question about the industry but unrelated to this topic, and it’s very important. the issue with family. I have kept my dancer page anonymous but it has become quite popular. I am pretty sure that a family member (dad) may have found it. I really admire your professioalism, and I wanted to know if your family supports what you do. They did find out when I was younger but did not know I went back. Is there anyway to get respect or earn respect, from our familes or people that have negative attitudes about what we do? It’s the best work out I have ever had, it’s a way to increase your sales skills, and my club is like family to me. I like working at my club 1,000 times more than I did any corporate job. Sure it’s short term and I am college educated…I just would like to hear your story and your advice. Thanks so much.

        • Jenn says:

          The best way to hear my story is to read our free ebook, Champagne Every Night. I will tell you that some of my family didn’t mind, meaning, they weren’t judgy, and some of my other family called me crying thinking all sorts of crazy things like I was a prostitute on drugs. I’m also college educated and has to make a decision – continue on from my masters to a corporate job, get a ph.D and keep racking up the student loans, or go and make some real money in my young age. Well you see what I chose!

          The truth of the matter is, although family is important, your real family will be the ones who love, support and understand you. Some people you just can’t change and they will think how they will think, no matter how well your argument is presented that dancing is a classy, viable way to make a living when done the right way.

          After I wrote an entire BOOK on the subject I still couldn’t convince some of my family and I never will. But the friends and family I do have NOW are WAY better then the ones I had before this whole process! Love means you have to love ALL of someone, you don’t have to like it, but quite frankly if you are over 18 it is none of their business what you do in your spare time to better your lot in life. If you haven’t already I think you will REALLY enjoy Freedom V. You will be able to relate so much and feel the most confident you have ever felt about exotic dancing!


      7. Skyy says:

        I’ve heard that you don’t have to be the best dancer or the most acrobatic on the pole. If that’s true, how exactly does a dancer flourish in a club? I’m not a terrible dancer, I have rhythm. I’ve worked at a club before for 2 nights only, but got discouraged because other dancers were just great! What to do?

        • Jenn says:

          The best thing to do to answer your question is to get Freedom V. It will tell you all of the ways you can do amazing in the club without having to overtax your body. There is so much to it that it’s impossible to answer in one blog response! Check out the link below! You will LOVE it and have a GREAT career implementing these principles as an exotic dancer!

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