“The Life of a Stripper” by Cocktail Waitress Romana Van Lissum

Feb 25 2013
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The Life of a Stripper

The riveting stories of this veteran cocktail waitress are entertaining and informative!

(by Jennifer McCumber)  Romana Van Lissum delivers extraordinary stories and struggles from strippers who have worked at her home strip club in Vancouver, BC, but who are from all over the world.

The Life of a Stripper is a must read.  It contains the true stories of ladies who have become exotic dancers and their climb through the maze of life in achieving what they want most: Financial Freedom and the choice to choose a career that they love!  While dancing is empowering for them it is not without drama, like most other careers…

Take for example a dancer named Honeysuckle, featured in Romana’s book.  She was a dental assistant at age 25 and had a great, comfortable job with benefits.  She grew up on a farm and had a great family.  She mentioned that she enjoyed a large trampoline, her own horses and she even had her own pottery studio!

Then, after high school her parents got divorced, but never mind that, her mom supported her decision to exotic dance. This is certainly a keeper for a mom!

While she made great money and got tipped really well, she mentioned that the down side to dancing was the bad accommodations that are provided, the bruises from pole dancing and the stigma that comes from a large portion of the population that thinks dancers are not regular people.

Of course, dancing in Canada is very different than dancing in the US.  Most dancers hop from club to club every week or so and work with an agency that makes them travel all of the time, to where dancers in the US, also known as “house dancers,” stay in one club for years and years and can build a very reputable client base that way.  It’s also a lot easier on your body and you can build lasting relationships with the people you work with regularly.

The Life of a Stripper doesn’t hold anything back!  Be prepared for stories of drug addiction, sexual abuse, psycho boyfriends, crooked clubs, and a lot of other things that sound like a typical politician’s story!  Van Lissum has collected 50 true stories from BC’s tops feature entertainers, from the heartbreaking to the glamorous, from the legendary to the comedic…

…the type of questions that everyone wonders about exotic dancers and what is really truth vs. hype!

The Life of a Stripper gives a true glimpse into the mysteries of exotic dancing and the secrets that drive these beautiful women to take their clothes off for a living and to give men a fantasy experience that they won’t soon forget.

To my friend Romana – bravo!  Thank you for sending me an autographed copy of your book!  I couldn’t put it down!

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    • 2 Responses to ““The Life of a Stripper” by Cocktail Waitress Romana Van Lissum”
      1. Jenn says:

        I want to hear your comments! If you have read the book, or would like to, just click on the links above and it will take you to Romana’s site! Leave some feedback ladies and gents!

      2. Ellie says:

        This is off topic, but I always wanted to know: In your experiences, what are the top 10 clubs you’ve worked for and why? Some friends and I are looking into traveling, we would love recommendations. It’s so hard to find a club that has everything (or nearly everything).

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