Other Jobs in the Strip Club Part 2: Cocktail Waitress

Jun 2 2012
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I’m Jennifer McCumber, author of Freedom V, feature columnist for ED Publications Magazine and I’m leading the movement for exotic dancer development all over the world.

Waitresses are the silent sleepers in this business! When the customers aren’t buying many dances, they are still buying drinks. Most clubs will have a two-drink minimum.  A waitress can literally bring home as much money as any exotic dancer if she works hard to develop regular clientele!

Stripper waitress

Being a cocktail waitress at a gentlemen's club can be a very profitable career!

I have known waitresses to leave work with $700 to $800 in tips on a really busy evening. On slow nights this won’t be the case, of course, but you can see how it can even out to a nice income. I would estimate that on a bad night, a typical waitress will make around $100. Keep in mind that all of these figures are true for high-end clubs only.

Being quick on your feet, remembering faces and names, and what your regular clients like to drink will be very important to making this kind of money.

If you are considering a waitressing position, the best thing you can do for yourself is to find your most successful dancers, position yourself to have them request you, serve them the way they like, and then make sure they know to tip you out for being good to them!

And if you are working with dancers who are new and who are not as adept at closing with customers, help them along when you wait on them in the Champagne room!  And treat your direct customers like they are worth a million dollars!

A waitress can also make or break a client’s experience in VIP/Champagne Room with a dancer.  For example, I was in one situation where my client would have extended his time in VIP; I could tell I was about to convince him to stay a bit longer. Just then, the waitress walked in and yelled, “Time is up! Want more?” And of course, the client was shook up, put on the spot and said “No,” because he had been yanked right out of the trance I had so carefully placed him in with my beauty and conversation; he was snapped rather abruptly back into the real world of being bossed and ordered around.

Waitresses can also employ Freedom V to their advantage. I have known waitresses who have worked at my club for 10 years; they have clients coming in who specifically request them. Building rapport with regulars is key. Creating the client’s ultimate human experience through Fantasy, Fun, and Fulfillment is part of the waitress’ job too, and she is most generously compensated for that.

When I go in to work, I always scan the roster to see who is waiting that night. I will choose a waitress I want to work with and ask her if she will be my waitress for the evening. I tell her what my goals are for the night, and give her details such as when to have bottled water ready for me, etc. She will then know to bring me fake shots if a client is pressuring me to drink, or if I think it will encourage him to spend more money.

This waitress will be my only one for the evening. That way I can tip her out individually if she does a good job for me. This is how I have prevented many dramatic situations from arising, and how I have kept my customers very happy and never thirsty!

I would love to hear your feedback so comment on the blog BELOW!  “Like” our Facebook page called Freedom V for Exotic Dancers,  and follow our Twitter page at FreedomVstrip.  This is Jennifer McCumber with how-to-strip.com Wishing you the best of success!

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    • 20 Responses to “Other Jobs in the Strip Club Part 2: Cocktail Waitress”
      1. Jenn says:

        Ask me your questions BELOW! I know they are simmering in your mind!

      2. pebbz says:

        How exactly do you go about applying for a job as a waitress in a strip club?

        • Jenn says:

          Great question! All you have to do is make yourself professionally presentable and sexy, walk into a club and ask for their waitress hiring manager! Then they will sit down with you and explain everything! Let me know how it goes!!! XO!

      3. diddle says:

        I am looking to apply for a waitress job in a strip club. I am a plus sized woman but take very well care of myself otherwise. I am considered very pretty and exotic looking. The places I have previously tried to apply have taken 1 look at me and immediately tell me they are not hiring. Am I mistaken that all men like all kinds of different women? How might I persuade the hiring managers that I will attract just as many customers as much as I will provide fantastic service?

      4. Shareen says:

        Hi Jenn!
        I just want to say that the information that you’re giving out for upcoming and established entertainers is amazing, and I am so glad I stumbled upon it. I have watched several of your videos and there is a lot of valuable information here to consider. I live in NYC and I am AMATEUR FRESH OUT OF THE WATER NEW to this business and I don’t have any experience what so ever. I know there are other jobs within a gentleman’s club and I am considering cocktail waitressing first to break myself into the business due to suggestion by a friend of mine. I have a couple of questions. Since I have no experience, would it be wise to let club managers know in an interview that I have no experience, if asked? Do clubs train new comers? Most of your principles and concepts are for dancers, but I was wondering if a cocktail waitress can apply the same concepts and principles when it comes to becoming highly paid in this business? Examples…Exercise, diet, skin care, make up, wardrobe, jewelry, and overall appearance, just to name a few. Should or Do cocktail waitresses look to a house mom like the dancers? Would you recommend a cocktail waitress use a stage name instead of her real name? How does the dress and self presentation differ from a dancer and a cocktail waitress? I want to look sexy and classy, but I won’t want to look like a dancer per say. How do I go about speaking to like minded cocktail waitresses, to learn what they have to say about the business? And lastly, my boyfriend has two gigs as a bouncer at two different gentleman’s clubs. I don’t plan on applying to those clubs just because of conflict of interest. I have asked him questions in the past about his work and what it’s like working the clubs without trying to let on that I may be potentially interested in working at a club myself. I haven’t told him I that I am considering cocktail waitressing yet which I plan to do before setting out on interviews. Would it be wise to have him escort me to clubs I plan to interview with?
        Jennifer, is there anything else I might need to consider when venturing out and trying my luck in this business as a cocktail waitress?

        • Jenn says:


          Goodness gracious! You have touched on a lot of points here! Your training will be different at every club so yes – if you don’t have any experience let them know and they will most likely be willing to train you if you have good poise, eye contact, and demonstrate a professional and outgoing personality. Strip clubs are ALWAYS hiring waitresses so give them a great reason to hire YOU!

          Yes all of the principles in Freedom V are for club staff as well. Waitresses, shot girls, you name it. Building a regular clientele and giving great customer service is all a part of the fantasy at a strip club and is something that can be a very lucrative profession for you.

          You don’t really need a stage name unless you are a dancer, BUT, if you don’t want anyone knowing your real name I would most definitely choose one. I think it might be wise to have your BF go with you to clubs since he knows the business and has been around. He probably can tell if a place is sleazy or not. There’s no need to hide anything if you are with the right guy! He should be supportive of whatever career you choose as long as it is GOOD for you personally!

          Your feedback is always welcome and don’t forget to check out Freedom V on the blog navigation bar! We go into MUCH detail about other jobs in the club in Freedom V and I am sure that it could help you out as a waitress or deciding if you want to become a dancer or not! Just go here!


          XO! Let me know how it goes! –Jenn

          • Shareen says:


            Your response is very informative and I will take it into consideration. Thank you so much for the advice Jennifer. I will keep in touch to let you know how everything is going for me.


      5. luis cano says:

        your videos are very helpful with just the right amount of motivation the girls need to go for the goals they wish. I will be sharing this video with my waitstaff very soon as well as having all staff members try to keep up with the videos to help build a better entertainer and or waitress. Thank you

      6. mandy says:

        Hey, just a question for you, I’m hoping you can help me out with. I’m applying to be a server at a gentleman’s club and they want me to send in photos. Just wondering if I should send in photos in a cocktail dress or boudoir photos? thanks, I really enjoyed this blog

        • Jenn says:

          Thanks for the complements! I think you should send in all of the above! Whatever you look the most amazing in, and variety is key! Show your sexy side!

      7. alexa rydell says:

        I’m applying as a waitress in a few gentlemen’s clubs today, and I’m a little stumped as to what to wear. I know Ai should be sexy but also professional. But how sexy? I don’t want to be too sexy when I’m applying to be a waitress. I’m also a porn starlett.

      8. Zuleika says:

        Hi Jennifer!

        I have a question about waitress! I’m new to this! Do you have to be a certain size, because I know that dancers, barmaids and coat check girls have to be slim, fit and pretty. The only problem for me is that I’m slim, but have a little of a belly, which have gone down some since I have been working out, but is that going to be a problem since I’m new to waitressing, and would the club hiring me and what can I do to get hired at a gentlemen club?

        • Jenn says:

          It’s really the same as our video on “Getting Started” for exotic dancers and is under the category of getting hired at the best strip clubs. You walk in looking sexy and professional, make eye contact, wear something that isn’t skin tight around your midsection so you can hide your belly until you work it all off and go in and ask for a hiring manager for waitresses. No – I’ve seen waitresses thick and thin believe me! It does not matter all that matters in this case is presenting yourself well to the door lady and management and having a personality to where they think you can sell and interact with customers well, making eye contact. XO!

      9. Zuleika says:

        I always wonder why most gentlemen club managers seem to push you into becoming a entertainer, if you want to be a waitress , shot girl, coat check girl etc. why is that? That the first they said when hiring. Can you explain this to me?

        • Jenn says:

          Entertainers are the reason gentlemen’s clubs exist. Without them it would be a regular night club. They are always hiring entertainers.

          However, if someone is pushing you to do something you don’t want to do, just tell them outright and see about becoming something else. If not, go try somewhere else that will hire you!

          My home club had the opposite problem, not enough shot girls and waitresses and plenty of entertainers, not to say they still weren’t hiring all three. Good luck and don’t let anyone push you around! XO!

      10. I’m tired of being rejected and subjected to judgmental men in the porn/strip club industry telling me i’m not good enough i wanna break out and show ameirca real true beauty and sometime you don’t have to die under the knife to live your dream as a dancer or an entertainer it frrstrate’s me how people place the kart befor the house beauty must look like this to sell its always about money well i don’t care who laugh at me and i don’t care who rejects me i’m going to get them to see i can do every thing a women with fake breast and a flat stomach without stretch marks can do i can dance and be nice to costomers and make sale i can do it!

      11. Zuleika says:

        Thank you Jen for answering my questions!! Ill take your advice!

      12. Krysten says:

        I am interested in the job field but I have no experience. I’ve never worked. I’ve came across sites where you have to email the manager & I’m so used to doing the applications that I have no clue as to how to catch the managers attention & get the job. Can someone please help me???

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