Other Jobs in the Strip Club Part 1: Shot Girl

May 22 2012
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shot girls at the strip club

Being a shot girl is a great alternative to stripping!

I’m Jennifer McCumber, author of Freedom V, feature columnist for ED Publications Magazine and I’m leading the movement for exotic dancer development all over the world.

There are many ways for the ladies to earn a great income at a strip club! If you are watching these videos and want to apply all of these principles to your life, but you don’t want to show your breasts to the world, this video is especially for you!

The fact is, every job at a strip club earns significantly more money than the same jobs would elsewhere. The statistics I have listed in the Bartender’s video in this series of other jobs in the strip club will prove that. Here are some other jobs you can consider, their descriptions and their pay: Shot Girl, Waitress, Bartender or House Mom – maybe even a Manager or Owner!

In this video we are going to talk about how to be a shot girl and how much money they make.

A shot girl functions essentially as an exotic dancer and can apply all of the principles in this video series to maximize her income. Unlike a dancer, however, a shot girl does not have to:

1.    Dance on stage
2.    Dance with her top off

That’s right! You will not have to show your breasts! However, you will have some other responsibilities that dancers do not have:

1.    You must buy your tray of shots from the club
2.    You must meet a sales quota that, if you fail to finish, you have to pay out of your own pocket.

I love strippers and shot girls!

Strippers love shot girls and shot girls love strippers! They are a team!

Not all gentlemen’s clubs have shot girls, so you need to check with your local clubs and investigate your possibilities. I have known very successful shot girls who bring home $500 to $600 per night! That is more than some dancers! I have also known shot girls that complain that they are horrible at selling their shots, which comes with a lap dance. However, if you approach it like you are selling your time and companionship, and that the shot is just an added bonus, you will be much more successful.

The best way for a shot girl to make the big bucks is to tag team with the most successful dancers. There have been multiple occasions when I have had the opportunity to bring a shot girl or dancer to VIP with me. I have chosen a shot girl many times because they help me with my business.

In other words, shot girls and dancers don’t really compete with each other – but they can really help each other out.

For instance, one evening I was talking with a new client and had almost successfully sold him on a VIP, when I noticed that one of my regulars had just walked in. The shot girl sat next to my new client for me, to hold my spot and make sure another dancer didn’t sit with him, while I went over and schmoozed with my regular to let him know I was there and that I would be back with him after I ate dinner.

I went upstairs with the new client while the shot girl sat next to my regular. When I came back down I tipped the shot girl well for her service, and then went upstairs with my regular. I know, it’s a lot to swallow, but it works, and it’s a smooth operation – and extremely profitable – after you’ve done it a few times.

At any given opportunity, I would request her to VIP for a couple of shot dances or to spend a half hour with us. This is a win-win for everybody. It is all about working smart and hard.

Shot girls do not have to be as attractive as dancers. Sometimes if a dancer gets pregnant, after she has her baby she will come back to work as a shot girl while she works her body completely back into shape again. I have also met shot girls who have Cesarean section scars on their stomach, so they don’t dance. You have to look cute and wear revealing clothes, but you can hide a lot, too.

Shot girls can make anywhere between $20/hr to $250/hr. It is all about your work ethic – and of course, how well you apply the Freedom V principles!

I would love to hear your feedback so comment on the blog BELOW!  “Like” our Facebook page called Freedom V for Exotic Dancers and follow our Twitter page at FreedomVstrip.  This is Jennifer McCumber with how-to-strip.com wishing you the best of success!

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    • 9 Responses to “Other Jobs in the Strip Club Part 1: Shot Girl”
      1. Jenn says:

        Ask me any questions or concerns that you have below!

      2. Ellie says:

        Wow, shot girls and strippers working together? I’m glad you posted this, hopefully a lot of shot girls will read it, because in my experiences they are either one of two types. Either they are extremely shy and could benefit from working with the dancers to boost their sales, or they are aggressive and ignorant and try to one-up the dancers.

        Personally I never supported the idea of having shot girls, massage girls and the like at strip clubs. I always thought the entertainers should be the only attraction. Keeping it simple keeps the money flowing in one direction, with no sidetracking.

        • Jenn says:

          Ellie – thank you for your comment! I know it would seem different from the surface layer and that anything other than strippers would be competition – but the opposite is true if you have management that is hiring and educating the right shot girls and dancers! The same trend has always been the case in clubs – the more beautiful women you have the more customers you will attract. It’s just the in-between time that it takes for the customers to figure out that there are more dancers, so in the beginning weeks everyone makes a little less, but then it turns into much, much more if it is done correctly.

          Entertainers SHOULD be the main attraction that the club is based around rather than making it too complicated and confusing for the customer to select something to buy. And shot girls can be the perfect supplement to that business model and a good training grounds for them to become entertainers in the future.

          How are you! Your questions and concerns are always welcome!!!

      3. Ericka says:

        I love your blog. I’m raising money to shoot a series about girls who work in these clubs. If you pass it along I would greatly be appreciated.


      4. Meghann says:

        I really think that sounds exhausting. As far as I knew, dancers are their own bosses anyway, unlike any of the other employees there, but still, sounds draining.

      5. cheryl says:

        i was thinking of becoming a shot girl and was really curious to know how much they make and how it works? and if i have to wear really revealing clothing because Ive had a daughter and i have stretch marks

        • Jenn says:

          Welp this video blog pretty much explains it! Don’t worry about your stretch marks because of the dim lighting and lotion/make-up you can cover up! Even with your choice of clothing you can cover up! Also depends on the club so you may have to do your own investigating! XO!

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