Lap Dances are a Worthy Art Form Both Physically and Legally

Dec 10 2011
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Jennifer McCumber Lap Dancing

And they're saying THIS doesn't take skills?!

We had the pleasure of making Bloomberg News in regards to the debate, “Is Lap Dancing Art?”   Just take a look at the pictures and videos in this blog post for your answer!  “Here’s Your Sign!”

This is what we told Bloomberg:  “To make a lap dance work, I had to combine concepts from gymnastics, things I learned from pole dancing, belly dancing I learned in college and even martial arts,” McCumber said in a telephone interview. “You have to have physical and mental agility to perform, while also making it seductive and alluring.”

A prominent dance anthropologist and professor at the University of Maryland who specializes in studying all types of dance, Judith Hanna, has stated:

“Exotic dance shares with virtually all dance genres the fact that it is a purposeful, intentionally rhythmical, culturally patterned, nonverbal, body movement communication in time and space.  It conveys meaning by the use of space, touch, proximity to an observer, nudity, stillness and specific body movements.”

Coming from an artistic education background myself, it is a shame that exotic dancing has been marginalized for the nudity it contains, as if nudity were bad in and of itself.  That’s like saying guns kill people.  I have news for you:  people kill people!  We are all born nude, we shower nude, we were walking around nude before people told us we had to do otherwise.  It is completely natural and evolved to be able to openly express nudity in art.  Nudity is contained in Operas, musicals, theater, most movies that you go and see, and it is all over cable TV.  So why is it that when it happens in real life in a gentlemen’s club, people get all bent out of shape?

Eric Langan, CEO of Rick’s Cabaret even states in the Bloomberg article that “Sex, drugs and heavy drinking have been replaced by good- looking women, $300 chairs and bright lights.”  Perhaps the industry used to be able to get away with more, but in today’s society with the internet and smart phones everywhere along with being accountable to stock holders and the FTC, this “illegal” business that society thinks we’re doing is not going on at all in the high-end, respectable clubs. They are just trying to run a good business like your local grocery store or retail boutique.  Strip club owners are not renegade mavericks trafficking women for sex, they are very savvy, smart gentlemen that take care of their ladies because they need help both financially and emotionally.  One club owner I spoke with in Buffalo, NY stated that he takes care of his ladies if they get sick, get hurt, and if they need to see a doctor he takes care of it.  These women often have no family support so they go and put their talents to good use in their local club as professional business women.

jennifer mccumber lap dancing

Hanging Upside Down on a Pole Takes Strength and Flexibility Just Like a Lap Dance

Just think about the dirt that goes on in the White house and on Wall Street in broad daylight.  Solyndra for one.  What politician in their right mind would fund a solar energy company that was doomed to go bankrupt from the start?  For 500 million of OUR tax payer dollars!  We paid for the government’s failure!  Do we get our money back for that?  Hell no.  How about the $16 muffins that were paid for by TAX payer dollars for government officials?  How about attorney general Eric Holder and the US troops that were killed during the “Fast and Furious” plan where we were selling machine guns to Mexico!  Or Monica Lewinsky giving Bill Clinton a Blow Job in the Oval Office.  And All of the Bailouts because big businesses can’t run their businesses right and keep a balanced budget – which is what our country is doing by running up our deficit.  After all, they don’t earn our hard-earned dance dollars so why not blow it all like monopoly money!

And Gentleman’s clubs are getting picked on?  We are truly the underdog and we must revise our marketing campaigns because the world does not understand us very well.  Unfortunately, religious organizations think we are prostitutes and sinners, when in reality we are professional dancers who are providing much needed, clean and artistic entertainment without the funny business.  Working all over the country I have found that most dancers are trying to pay their way through college, earn supplemental income in addition to their teacher or nurse salaries, or they are simply getting in shape and embracing their femininity.  The last I checked our first amendment right protected us here.

Anyone who belittles exotic dance, lap dance, or doesn’t consider it to be a worthy art form is discriminating against women and their freedom of expression, and those nay-sayers are also utilizing sexist judgement in undermining what THEY don’t consider meeting a certain standard.  Who are THEY to say what is right, wrong, and artistic?  Especially if they have never gotten up and tried to pull off a successful lap dance themselves!  They would all probably fall over once they put on the 6 inch heels!

And to shatter all doubt, watch CBS’s story on how the Pole Dancing Championships 2011 were performed in the same venue as most literary readings and opera performances in NYC.

YouTube Preview Image

I would love to hear your comments and opinions on the blog so feel free to make suggestions below!

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