How to Sell Lap Dances and Champagne Rooms Part 3: Weeding Out the Time Wasters

Oct 1 2011
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So many dancers have come to me and asked, “How do I know that a customer wants to spend money on me and how long do I need to sit there before I know when to ask the closing question?”  There are Five Ways To Tell If Your Client Is Interested In Spending Money On You:
1.  Is he asking you personal questions? If he takes an interest in you in this way, then he will probably venture forth for more in the Champagne or VIP Room. At least he will buy a few dances. He may ask you questions about your life, likes,
dislikes, goals, and other jobs you may have had.

2.  Is his body language friendly? You want your client to be looking straight at you, leaning towards you, etc. Once you initiate touching his arm or something, and then he takes the hint and puts his arm around you without being vulgar or “handsy,” this is a good sign.

3.  Is he asking you about dances or VIP? This means that he is curious about your
particular club’s policies and possibly spending money on you.

4.  Is he asking you about cost? This is a definite sign that he is interested. You want to avoid just coming out and telling him though. Sit him down, sit on his lap, and give him extra attention and talk to him with your sexy voice. This will make it extremely hard for him to resist!
I would suggest mentioning your most expensive service first (usually one hour in VIP), and then if he thinks it is too much, say, “You know, I don’t usually do this, but for you I am willing to offer you a half hour for $200 (or whatever the maximum price is).” I have been very successful with this approach. Some dancers just immediately offer a dance for $20 or will cut a deal right off the bat, but they are losing out on hundreds of possible dollars. If he doesn’t go for any of this, then you should at least get a dance out of him.

5.  How does he respond to your conversation? Most of my successful clients and regulars will respond with either excitement or a mellow look of genuine, deep rooted concern for whatever it is that I am talking about. Are they engaged? Do they compliment you? Are they impressed by you?

I’ll be honest; most men have a stereotyped notion that most dancers, and beautiful women in general, are dumb! So when you speak intelligently to your higher-end clientele, you will kill that stereotype in a most pleasant manner, and wow them! They will see you as valuable – as more of an equal – and thus have a much higher level of respect for you. Then they will be willing to give you complete control and make decisions for them, because they are so tired of doing this in their daily lives.

On the other hand, rural, lower-end, less educated people will be intimidated by an intelligent woman. I find that acting dumb is a much better strategy with these clients. These men want to feel they have power over you, so you’ll let them think this. All the while you will be carefully and expertly holding the reins of power over them!  It’s a win-win!

I hope that this information gives you a brighter perspective about exotic dancing and the gentlemen’s club industry.  Be sure to make comments on the blog below and tell me if you agree, disagree, or have ideas about other misconceptions the industry has. Maybe you have a riveting story to tell.  I would love to feature your story so write your thoughts on the blog below and I will personally answer you as soon as I can!  This is Jennifer with wishing you the best of success.

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    • 17 Responses to “How to Sell Lap Dances and Champagne Rooms Part 3: Weeding Out the Time Wasters”
      1. heather says:

        i agree with you about the body language. men will usually just simply look at their phone continuously if they are not interested in getting dances

        • Jenn says:

          Heather – good observation! That is so true. They will look at their phone, look around, look at their watch (that is when they are being REALLY mean LOL), and their answers will be short. Great job though! You are great at reading people!

      2. Lady Ya Ya says:

        I find that many men just want my company and it’s hard for me to upsale to a lap dance because they want to be really dirty and want me to agree to performing sexual acts in order to close the deal. How can I tell them when they ask what they get for $20 without turning them off.

        • Jenn says:

          Very good questions Lady Ya Ya! There are two dynamics at play here, and maybe more:
          1. You have to make sure you are at a non-sleasy club so that the customers know the deal when they come in.
          2. You have to know how to “work it” and put on the fantasy and make them forget they are paying you for it.

          In order to accomplish this you’ll need to re-evaluate your place of business and also how well of a conversationalist you are. This summer we’re launching our Champagne Inner Circle, which is where questions like this will be answered in their fullest detail because it will be an elite, private exotic dancer community! Stay tuned for it!

          Also, check out my YouTube Channel called Freedom V Online. I have tons of videos about how to sell lap dances and champagne rooms that will really help you out. They are also at this blog if you search for the term “how to sell lap dances.” Good luck and let me know how it goes! XO!

        • Jenn says:

          Gosh that is a loaded question and there is a LOT to the answer – more than I can write here! The best thing you can do is get FREEDOM V. It will give you all of the answers and more so that you can successfully pull this stuff off without sitting there for free talking to someone and then them wanting something sexual if they are going to pay. I hope this helps! XO!

      3. MonicaGingerWest says:

        I have the perfect solution when you are in the VIP room and a customer wants to touch. In order to have him think that I WOULD let him touch if I COULD (thus keeping up the fantasy that I’m a little sex kitten who can’t get enough of him), I tell him that there are cameras everywhere (which there usually are in a strip club) and that if I allow him to touch me, I will have a fine at the end of the night for excess contact. And he wouldn’t want me to have to pay a fine, would he? 99% of the time, that stops them dead in their tracks. No man wants the girl to have to pay more money at the end of the night! If they tell me that there are other girls who allow contact I tell them that they’re probably new and don’t realize that they’ll have a fine at the end of the night or perhaps they don’t care that they’ll have to pay extra money. But I rarely get that complaint from a customer. Sometimes a customer will say, “if you get a fine, I’ll pay it.” I respond that the fine isn’t immediately after the dance. It gets handed to me as a bill at the very end of the night when I’m done with my shift. He (the customer) will be long gone by then. And then I thank him for being so thoughtful. And then I suggest going upstairs for a one hour champagne room where things are a bit more “private”. This always suggests that maybe he’ll get to touch up there. If he asks, I come back with something like, “if I tell you what goes on up there, I’ll have to kill ya!” “But seriously, sweetie, as they say….’there’s no sex in the champagne room’ but I’ve never had a gentleman leave one without a smile on his face.” Ambiguity is the key. Ultimately, if I feel that the man is going to want more than I’m prepared to give, I don’t offer a champagne room. No amount of money is worth dealing with an octopus for a whole hour!

        • Jenn says:

          Amazing comment Monica Ginger West! YOU ROCK! That is some awesome input lady!

          That is a great strategy and I’ve used things like this myself when speaking with customers. Yes – Ambiguity without coming out and “saying it” is the key. The implications in between the lines. This way everyone wins: You’re practicing legal and ethical business/selling, the club loves you because you are generating revenue for yourself and for them, the customer loves you because they get the thrill of the chase and the economy wins IN GENERAL!

          YAY! Your feedback is always welcome Monica! Check out our Champagne Inner Circle that is coming this summer – it is an elite community of positive, successful and amazing exotic dancers like you who interact with each other, become better, and learn cutting edge material from our Freedom V Program! Keep me posted on how you’re doing! I want to hear from ya!


          • MonicaGingerWest says:

            Hi Jenn, any chance you’d be willing to delete this comment that I made? Apparently this is coming up in search results when people google me. I’d rather not have my customers see this. Thank you.

      4. Lady Ya Ya says:

        I really appreciate ur advice. Last night I sold my first and only lap dance 15 minutes before closing. And I feel like I have everything going in my favor (cute,confident,and friendly, with a nice smile, and nice conversation), but it’s something I’m missing. I’ve thought about changing to a non-sleazy club, but is there anything I can do with the job I already have?

        • Jenn says:

          GET OUTA THERE DARLIN! Under no circumstances should you be dancing at a sleazy club! There is so much more money to be made as a good girl in the clubs where being a good girl is profitable. And for your OWN safety and well being!

      5. koko says:

        weekends is really hard to work on the guys are so many! and they get easily distract so i need to be faster getting the close for a champagne, what the best way to introduce them to the best that we have … or You want the best place for us to have fun… it takes me too long to get to that point how long should i be expending on every guy?

        • Jenn says:

          You can spend about 10-15 minutes on each guy and at that point you should know at least whether or not you think they are buyers. We’ve done tons of videos on how to do this so definitely search the blog and watch the “How to Sell Lap Dances and VIPs” videos and such! Let me know how it goes!

      6. Ali says:

        I really love your advice! I have a question concerning the deals that are given to certain customers. I work at a club that already has set prices for the lap dances which is $20, and we as dancers get only $15 for every dance. The club does not have any vip rooms. What can I do in order to make this worth my time in upselling?

        • Jenn says:

          Yes this is a hard sell. If your club has no way of up-selling your time and companionship, the general structure is not there for leading the customer to the bigger buy. You’ll have to get creative and talk to your management – they should want to help you since you are wanting to bring more money into their club! Let me know how it goes!

      7. Ali says:

        Hello Jenn,
        I had talked with management and come to find out that we do not have any lap dance specials and we rarely have drink specials because the owner does not approve of any ideas that can compromise profits. The management also does not want to have lap dance specials because the $5 leftover from the lapdances we sell and the $5 cover charge is divided between the security as their pay for the night.

        • Jenn says:

          Ali – I wasn’t referring to giving people “specials” because that causes you to lose money on some levels depending on what you’re using the special for. What I was referring to is “value selling” so that you can UPSELL and charge MORE for something. For instance, you have a place where you can give a $20 lap dance. Well that is OK. But what if you could convince your client to pay for a $300/hr VIP room with you? Bouncers will get their cut, the club, etc. The best way to learn how to UPSELL and do this is to check out FREEDOM V so that you can know exactly what I’m talking about and how to pull it off successfully! Your management will LOVE that! Who doesn’t want to make MORE money?

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