How to Become a Stripper at the Best Strip Clubs: Getting Hired

Mar 26 2012
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How to Become a Stripper

Becoming a Stripper is a professional, chic business for women starting out in their careers!

Learning how to become a stripper has saved countless women and their families from the harsh alternatives like bankruptcy, poverty, or not putting food on the table for their families.  It has also served women in being able to afford a college education when their families cannot. I’m Jennifer McCumber, author of Freedom V, feature columnist for ED Publications Magazine and I’m leading the movement for dancer development at clubs across the country as well as online.

Now, I know you’re excited about getting hired as a stripper, so it’s time to go to a strip club yourself. You might as well have a look at clubs you might want to dance in, so choose a club relatively near you, either in your own city or, if you prefer, just outside your usual traveling circles.

It’s probably best to go with a friend, especially a male friend, since some strip clubs frown upon unescorted ladies (competition for the working dancers) and some services are only allowed with a male client present. You might be allowed in if you tell the hostess you are considering working there, but don’t count on it. If you do go with a female friend, make sure she “gets it” and can be supportive of your interest in becoming an exotic dancer, and will take you seriously as you explore this opportunity.

It’s a good idea to check out new clubs during times you would want to be stripping, because clientele and general atmosphere are surprisingly different on different days and at different times of day. Though you are going in as a customer, remember you are also thinking of working there, so be sure to present yourself well. Be respectful that the dancers are working, pay for their time if you want to talk with them about their experience working in the club, and let them know you are thinking of being an exotic dancer yourself so they will tell you what you need to know.

The following are some good questions to ask:

1.    What are the names of your top managers? Which manager is working now? Could I please speak to him/her?

2.    What time is the best time to come in and audition?

3.    Do I need an exotic dancer’s license? Where do I get this? Do I need to bring my driver’s license and/or social security card?…

4.    What are your best nights to work?

5.    What are your hours of operation?

6.    Do I need to bring money for a locker and for a house fee?

NOTE:    Be nice and act in a professional manner. Many times the hostesses at the front desk have a say in who gets hired as well. Usually they will try to blow you off because they are busy collecting money at the door, so do try and ask for a manager.

Elegant Stripper

Giving the impression that you are sexy but classy will make a statement to any manager who interviews you. You will be considered a smart, valuable, asset!

Not every man likes large breasts or a tight butt, so appreciate what you have and carry yourself well. Who knows, you might even get hired right then and there on the spot!

Gentlemen’s clubs have a variety of women working in them, not necessarily airbrushed women you see in magazines.

When you arrive at your chosen strip club, make sure that you go to the front desk and let the hostess know that you are interested in becoming a dancer there. Be friendly and smile! Shake hands with everyone you meet. Look your best. When in doubt about your outfit, wear whatever makes you feel most confident.

The hostess will either call a manager or take you back to his office. Someone on staff will usually come out and look at you, which is a final approval before they even bother talking to you. It may be the manager or a bouncer, or a house mom. Sometimes they will view you in the dressing room and ask you to walk around; occasionally they will hire you on the spot in your normal clothes.

I  recall  auditioning  at  one  club  as an exotic dancer in  Houston.  I  was  looking  great  that  night  and  the  hostess   immediately  called  a  manager  up  after  I  told  her  my  intentions.  I  happened  to  be  there   at  the  same  time  as  another  lady  that  was  just  not  cut  out  for  the  job.    In  order  to  avoid   obvious   discrimination,   the   manager   told   both   of   us   that   they   were   not   hiring   at   that   time.    I  knew  he  was  covering  himself  because  gentlemen’s  clubs  are  always  hiring.    After   being   rejected,   I   managed   to   catch   the   manager   as   he   was   leaving   (after   the   other   girl   was   heading   for   the   exit),   and   I   informed   him   that   I   was   really   serious   about   working   there  because  I  was  an  evacuee  of  hurricane Gustav  the  week  prior.    I  had  traveled  for   hours   to   work   there.      I   even   told   him   that   I   had   regular   clients   at   my   home   club   that   currently  live  in  Houston,  and  that  they  would  come  spend  money  there  just  to  see  me.     The  manager  then  went  to  get  an  application  and  hired  me  right  on  the  spot.    Sometimes   it  takes  a  little  persistence  and  effort  but  you  can  often  work  the  situation  to  your  favor!

IF YOU COMMENT ON THE BLOG BELOW I WILL PERSONALLY ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS! “Like” our Facebook page called Freedom V for Exotic Dancers and our Twitter at FreedomVstrip TO GET THE LATEST UPDATES IN EXOTIC DANCING.  This is Jennifer McCumber here with wishing you the best of success!

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    • 12 Responses to “How to Become a Stripper at the Best Strip Clubs: Getting Hired”
      1. Jenn says:

        Send over some love and send me a personal message below! C’mon! Let’s get this party started! I will personally respond to your every question!

      2. Darci says:

        Love the blog! Please blog about dealing with other dancers professionally and how to deter customers from asking to see u “outsidethe club” without blowing them off and hurting future business with that person

        • Jenn says:

          Darci – thank you for your inquiry! I will do as you ask and do some blog/videos on this very topic! That is a GREAT question and the dancer that can perfect this skill will be unstoppable! Have a great day and more to come soon! BTW – if you haven’t already, subscribe to our mailing list so that you can receive the blog posts as soon as they come out! Xo!

      3. Ellie says:

        I second the request on how to deal with the date-minded customers. This is extremely annoying. I usually just tell them that I’m “too busy” to date, work at another job, have a kid, etc. It’s something they can’t really argue with. These extremely needy, desperate types CAN spend money if handled the right way, I’ve found. But it’s a bad idea to string them along by saying something like “oh, I’m undecided” or “I don’t know about dating just yet, let me get to know you better.” This backfires, always.

        • Jenn says:

          Ellie – thank you so much for your feedback and contribution to the discussion! It is always welcome! Feel free to comment or post on any of the blog posts and voice your opinion or thoughts. More to come on those pesky customers who are always asking you out!

          Also, thank you for thanking me for the advice. There is a right way to do every kind of business, even stripping, and if you stick to your guns and treat stripping like a professional career, you will improve your quality of life dramatically and be able to save the money to go places in this life!

          Many people in this country and abroad would die to have an opportunity like we have here to pursue exotic dancing and become financially free! Never take that for granted! It won’t last forever!

      4. Ellie says:

        Also….I wanted to thank you for posting all the wonderful advice you have. It’s helped rejuvenate my faith in this business.

      5. Charlie says:

        Great post! I blog daily about stripping. You can read and comment at I think it’s a great idea if you’re confident and smart and know your boundaries. I started yesterday and already it feels like one of my best decisions so far.

        I think the following are good tips in addition to the ones here. Tips for investigating:
        1. Check out the parking situation (SAFETY!)
        2. Do amateur night if they have one.
        3. Ask dancers if they like their job.
        4. Watch how the dancers approach their customers.

        Tips for your first day:
        1. Bring a little purse for your tips and your cellphone and keys. You carry this everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
        2. Powder foundation if you have any scars, marks, bumps, or stretch marks on your body.
        3. Clip in extensions. You need to look out of this world like a fairytale.
        4. Body spray, with sparkles if you can find it. Sparkles for aesthetics, body spray because you should smell like a fairytale also because sweaty men will be touching you.
        5. Don’t tell your life story in the dressing room. Be quiet unless someone talks to you.
        6. Watch the other dancer’s techniques on the floor. Not the stage. Stage will average 15-20 dollars per song but it’s not your bread and butter. Lap dances are what make your purse. I stole a technique of walking by a guy and touching him then making eye contact.
        7. Lie. If you don’t want people to stalk you or know your identity (I have an incredible fear of this), lie. Don’t tell where you were born or where you usually hang out or where you live or what your day job is.

        • Jenn says:

          Thanks for the wonderful input Charlie! Your blog is great – I read your two posts and they are very entertaining! Good luck with everything and keep me posted on your progress! BTW – we’re launching an elite exotic dancer membership site this summer called the Champagne Inner Circle – I would love to have your comments and input inside! XO!

      6. Charlie says:

        Thanks, Jenn! And that’s great. I blog because I would love for there to be more communities about this type of thing. People should know what they’re in for and exchange tips. So I’m excited about your new community and I’ll watch out for it!

      7. Lisa Mitchell says:

        Here’s a tip. In spite of what others may say, body spray with sparkles is NOT a good idea. Most of the customers with real money are married men, and they are smart enough to know that they do NOT want to go home with their clothes smelling and looking like they’ve been wrestling with Tinker-Belle. When I first started dancing, I thought it would be smart to wear body spray and sparkles. But, the only men that would come near me were the younger guys with only enough money for one or two dances. The older guys in their forties – the guys with the big money – would back off when I approached them. One guy was really honest with me. He said, “Honey. I’d love to take you back to the VIP Room and spend some time with you, but I cannot go home smelling like a topless dancer or my wife will divorce me. I went straight to the dressing room and took a shower, and then went and found my customer. Lesson learned.

      8. student says:

        Hi, I’m a college student doing a report on objectification of women. I plan on interviewing some strippers and was wondering if you could give me tips on how to best approach a stripper/ask them questions respectfully. Let me be clear that I do not think that stripping is anti-feminist; a woman should have full control over her own body.


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