How Strippers Earn Their Money Inside the Strip Club

Apr 30 2012
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I’m Jennifer McCumber, author of Freedom V, feature columnist for ED Publications Magazine and I’m leading the movement for dancer education at clubs across the world to help today’s dancers become tomorrow’s leaders.

You may ask, “How do I get paid as a stripper inside the strip club? How much does the average dancer make in a night? How does this whole business work?” I will answer your first and most basic questions in this video.

Each club works differently, so it is important to understand how this whole process will work for you before you start working. If you have to get a manager to explain it to you a couple of times, don’t feel stupid. Ask questions until you understand specifically how your strip club will be like or dislike from the following four.

There are four common ways that you will get paid as a stripper.


strip club money

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1.  Cash from a Client for a Lap Dance

After sitting with a customer for a bit you can move things along by saying, “I would love to give you the most erotic time possible on this next song.” If he says yes, you proceed to give him a lap dance, then try to sell more than one, and then just keep going until he asks you to stop.

After you are done, you will tell him how much he owes, and he will pay you right then. Have a change purse handy that you watch like a hawk. Some clubs will let you keep your cash on the side of your G-string and wrap it with a rubber band. Just keep your cash on you, or close by where you can see it at all times.

For instance, if a lap dance is $25, you may have to give the club a cut – say, $7 of it. Many clubs let you keep all of your money from dances. You can also state your price, “plus tip,” as it is customary for customers to tip you on top of what a dance costs. Don’t be greedy, though; some clients get offended when you ask for a tip, so feel out the situation.

At my club, the price of a lap dance was $15, but it was generally customary for the client to give $20 across the board. So if you have a client that doesn’t seem to know what is going on or is new to the scene, just say “$15 plus a sexy tip!” in a bubbly way and they will do it. I would just charge the customer $20, however, it was against my club’s policy to jack up the prices so when in doubt, just tell them the actual price and be honest. Let them know what the deal is and that most people just give you $20.

2.  Cash from a Client for VIP

After dancing with a client, you can offer to accompany them to a VIP or Champagne area. Many clubs require a customer to purchase a bottle of champagne or liquor to be able to enter this area with you. Some clubs do not require this. VIP is simply a more private room or section of the club where you and your client can relax on a personal level. At some clubs, you and he will be alone, with bouncers on the floor checking in on you from time to time.

You will take him to the VIP area. Different clubs have different rules about payment; some require payment up front at this point, while others collect later. Just be sure that you are direct with your client about pricing, and when and how he must pay, before the time comes. Remember your bouncer will get a cut of the payout as well. For instance, if a half-hour is $200, usually the bouncer will collect $30 or $40 that will go to the club. He will then hand you the rest, or ask you if he can give it to you on your way out after you are done with your client.

3.  Cash from On Stage

When you arrive at your club, you will usually have to check in with your DJ to add your music and stage name to his rotation list of dancers. The first song, you will dance with your clothes on; the second, the clothes come off. Most clubs are not fully nude, so you will have a G-string on. Some clubs are nude on stage only, and not nude with lap dances. Decide what you are comfortable with and make sure you find out the club standards before auditioning!

Men and women usually come and tip you while you are on stage. They will put money in your G-string or just lay it on stage. You can keep all of this unless your manager states otherwise.

4.  Credit Card for Dances or VIP

Gentlemen’s clubs do take credit cards. This is great for them because usually they have a 20% surcharge or some fee that gets tagged to the customer for using credit. Often they take a percentage of your earnings, too. Usually, if the customer uses a credit card, the waitress will go to the back and swipe it, then print out a voucher for you to redeem at your bar or front desk for cash. This document is important; it is the same as money, so by all means don’t lose it!

I would love to hear your feedback so comment on the blog BELOW! “Like” our Facebook page called Freedom V for Exotic Dancers and our Twitter at FreedomVstrip.  This is Jennifer here with wishing you the best of success!

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    • 15 Responses to “How Strippers Earn Their Money Inside the Strip Club”
      1. Jenn says:

        Do you have comments or questions? How does YOUR club do it? Put your comments below and help our fellow strippers community to be more successful! As you know you can ALWAYS find the most cutting edge tips and techniques HERE!

        • Brandon says:

          Hi Jenn,
          I am developing products for cash-tip-intensive industries such as exotic dancing. I would like your opinion on whether this is something dancers would be interested in. The chips that are in credit cards these days are tap-to-pay instead of swipe-to-pay. I am picturing a garter with a receiver inside that clients would just tap with their credit cards as if they were placing a paper bill in the garter. Interested in your thoughts. Thank you. I am currently working with a patent attorney and discussing more electronic transactions that mimic the cash tip.

      2. Ellie says:

        In these recession days, customers are stingy with their tipping, and I’ve found that asking for a tip after regular lap dances is unsuccessful (if they’re gonna do it, they’ll do it before you ask). However, I do ask for a tip in the Champagne Rooms, since those customers are bigger spenders and are more likely to tip.

        Also, you’re probably aware of the “strip club into nightclub” trend going on. Strip clubs are no longer private havens for men. They’re quickly becoming mainstream hangout spots. I was wondering what your opinion is on this trend, and what it will mean for entertainers’ bottom lines?

        • Jenn says:

          Ellie – you have a good eye! I’ll address your nightclub question first. A strip club that will remain nameless just went bankrupt in Las Vegas for a few reasons, but one of them was that it was a nightclub that turned into a strip club after a certain time of night. In my opinion, that is trying to be too many things to too many people, and the entertainers suffer, BIG TIME. I’ve heard club owners rave about this new trend, and it may have merit if it is done properly, but I’ve seen it done poorly as well and you end up with a bunch of dead weight in your club that won’t buy the most valuable services in the club – the entertainers!

          I understand the need to sell alcohol, attract eyeballs and bodies, and to get people in the door. BUT – what has to be considered is the WAY they are doing it and the MARKET they are doing it with, because most younger audiences for instance cannot afford to spend the kind of money that a good sales force of dancers can attract with their personalities and charm and beauty and sex appeal!

          On the flip side, entertainers end up getting more opportunities to try and sell these new kinds of people. And if you’re good, you might get lucky!

          I may be old-fashioned, but I prefer the business model that glamorizes and idolizes the entertainers like THEY are the main attraction. Getting older, lonely men coming in and enjoying lap dances, the dancers working bachelor parties, dancers working with people one-on-one or in pairs. Although the one-on-one is my favorite because you can control the situation better and the customer feels more personal attention. A club where there’s not “too much” going on. Less is more.

          I think there are good things that entertainers and clubs can take from the nightclub feel of their strip club being a hot spot to hang out, but unfortunately, it clouds the customer pool to where it is harder to find the ones that will talk with you and spend money on you. You have the riff-raff factor. The same thing happens to alcohol sales when you get a crowd that is too cheap. You’ve heard the old saying, “The riches are in the niches.” It is so true. If strip clubs can keep doing what works for their niche market while evolving with the changing times – you’ll get an awesome place to work as an entertainer AND a club that makes consistent money with a loyal following!

      3. Ellie says:

        Your thoughts are the same as mine. I thought about it recently, how entertainers could make money in these changing times, but as a businesswoman (of sorts) I couldn’t come up with anything! The nightclub crowd is not about spending money on a fantasy girl. One could rack up a lot of lap dances from them in a good case scenario, but that’s a lot of running around for little money. These aren’t champagne room people.

        In the Club Bulletin, I do see some praise for this shift, I assume because club owners believe it will boost their alcohol sales. But if their dancers are suffering, they will relocate to another club that has THEIR best interests in mind, leaving said misguided club hurting for girls – and ultimately, for money as well.

        Some club owners may feel indirectly pressured to give their clubs a more “nightclub” feel due to dropping sales. My city is getting hit very hard right now. Clubs and even dancers just want to see bodies in the building.

        Recently, I’ve been thinking about all the men that have went with me into the champagne rooms at my club, and I’ve been targeting those customers who fit their stereotype. I noticed that’s what some of the most successful women at my club do.

        • Jenn says:

          Ellie – you are right, this has been a concerning trend that has been endorsed by some industry people, but I think an even more alluring trend is coming: getting back to the BASICS of creating high value clientele with intelligent saleswomen for dancers (dancer education!) who can work one-on-one with lonely men to help them bridge the gap to get to a happier, better, and more fulfilled place in their lives from whatever they are going through. Isn’t that why we ALL seek out entertainment! To distract us from reality and have a little fun!

          You ARE a successful businesswoman! Fully vetted! Don’t ever doubt it! 😉

          The other reason for the nightclub trend is the down economy – you are right – it’s better to get someone in your club than no one. I guess beggars can’t be choosers! LOL. Sometimes doing business is that way – you have to shift a little bit with the times to stay in business.

          Keep targeting the Champagne Room guys. Your time is better spent with them if you can find them! But don’t waste too much time waiting around or else you’ll miss out on the lap dance money than can be made. I’ve traversed that fine line many times – it takes years to refine the skill!! Or just a few weeks with Freedom V! Thanks so much for the comments and thoughts! XO!

          XO! Jenn

      4. Champagne says:

        I love this site. As a former exotic dancer I agree with most of what you’ve said. I’ve also noticed the party trend and it sucks. My favorites are ALWAYS the older men and I NEVER approach a man in the club first.
        I’m producing a POP musical called, CHAMPAGNE that tells all about this world of ours.
        Good luck ladies and makes lot’s of money!!!

        • Jenn says:

          Champagne – I LOVE it! As you probably have read, I have a masters degree in vocal performance – yep – professionally trained opera singer here. I LOVE musicals and anything having to do with the fine arts that is well done! Best wishes to you! Perhaps we can collaborate with each other for marketing purposes! Glad you love our blog! Your comments and questions are always welcome! Keep on with your bad self! 😉 And, let me know how the musical is coming along and if you need any creative ideas!

      5. elaine says:

        I’ve worked in a night club an maybe it was where I live but night club people are stingy especially the younger crowd its like pulling teeth to get a tip. All they want is to get drunk and take home a drunk girl for free and not have to spend much.

        • Jenn says:

          Elaine – yes you are right – the night club trend has sold out much of the old-time feel of what our industry is all about – a fantasy experience. Guys typically go to a nightclub because they think they can take a girl home, and maybe some guys go to a strip club for that reason but there is a HUGE difference in the two business models. Try and find a more traditionally oriented and high end strip club rather than these fly-by night strip club/night club scenarios.

      6. Alauna says:

        Hello Jen, I’m 19 & wanting to become an exotic dancer. What advice would you have for me?

        • Jenn says:

          DEFINITELY download our free Champagne Every Night book on the blog and read it – ferociously! You will also want to get involved in the Champagne Inner Circle which you will see on the Navigation bar tab on the blog. It will be important for you to find some way of avoiding the “jaded” mentality and our education tools and communities are a GREAT way to do that! Good luck and let me know how it goes!

      7. Evee says:

        All of this information is great, but once you have gotten a customer to buy into a dance or time in the VIP room, how can you get a man to keep his wallet flowing for a long period of time. What types of things do you do or are there any good lap dance techniques?

        • Jenn says:

          That is a GREAT question and that is what the Freedom V Program is all about! All the answers are inside and all you have to do is check out this link:

          We go into DEPTH on how to KEEP your customers paying and how to build regular clientele. It is an awesome investment in yourself and in your career, and will pay for itself many many many times over! Let me know if you have any questions! XOXO!

      8. robo says:

        Can more than one guy go back to the champagne room? Like a guy and two of his buddies and get dances from one or 2 dancers??

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