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DJ Aaron and Our Most Recent Dancer Radio Show with Enrique Arellano

These are the Five P's in Freedom V!  All the dancer has to do is climb the pole to get to the top!  It's that simple!

These are the Five P’s in Freedom V! All you have to do is climb the pole to get to the top! It’s that simple!

In our entertainer segment with DJ Aaron out of Jaguars Phoenix this week, hosted by the Planet Platypus Radio Network, we talk about HOW and WHY you need to build regular clientele to make the most out of your time at the club.

In short, it’s a come to Jesus meeting about attitude, customer service, and really, it’s mostly about how you can make the most money for yourself and your club as an exotic dancer today.

Also, DJ Aaron interviews a REALLY amazing up and coming artist, Enrique Arellano, from Solid Gold in Ft. Lauderdale.  It’s worth listening to for sure!

Click =>HERE<= or the picture to the left to get to it now!

Aaron Duarte’s “I Got Love For Ya” with Johnny Walker and Jennifer McCumber!

DJ Johnny Walker of Solid Gold in Ft. Lauderdale!

DJ Johnny Walker of Solid Gold in Ft. Lauderdale!

The spotlight of this week’s show goes to Johnny Walker, head DJ at Solid Gold in Ft. Lauderdale.  He talks about his adventures as a military veteran, from weapons specialist to water rescue, then ending up DJing at nightclubs, and then moving onward to being an excellent gentlemen’s club DJ.  Last year he finally won the Exotic Dancer employee of the year award – an outstanding accomplishment!

Of course, what would our show be with out the “I Got Love for Entertainers” segment!  Aaron and I talk about the #1 challenge that entertainers face today in dealing with their customers, and what they can do to fix it and make more money!

To listen to this week’s show click =>HERE<= or on Johnny Walkers Pic!

But stay tuned to hear his whole story and catch the entertainer segment the last 15 minutes of the show!

You KNOW I got love for ya!

Check Us Out at The “I Got Love For Ya” Show On the Planet Platypus Radio Network!

Aaron Duarte is the HEAD DJ at Jaguars in Phoenix, AZ and the host of the "I Got Love For Ya Show" on the Planet Platypus Radio Network!  And he's just bass ass!

Aaron Duarte is the HEAD DJ at Jaguars in Phoenix, AZ and the host of the “I Got Love For Ya Show” on the Planet Platypus Radio Network! And he’s just bad ass!

All I can say right now is WOW!  This was our first appearance on the, “I Got Love For Ya” Radio Show on the Planet Platypus Radio Network and it turned out to be an instant hit!

I talk about the top 10, hands down, practical take-aways that ANY exotic dancer can use right now to be successful, motivated, and just plain awesome.

Click on the picture to the left or click =>HERE<= to listen right now!  It will be money in your pocket ladies!

Here’s the written recap:

1. Find your inner hunger and your inner passion, and commit yourself to living it. Let your desire to attain your dreams fuel your will and your drive to succeed. Be flexible and learn to rebound when obstacles appear. Having tough skin and a solid sense of yourself and your goals is necessary in life and in this business.
2. Determine what you really want out of life. Turn that knowledge into your life goal. What are you willing to do–or do without–in order to achieve it? Write it down and remind yourself daily what you are going to achieve. There is no reward without sacrifice, but the greatest sacrifice is living without reward. Don’t let anything stop you!

3. Always look for a better way. Find more efficient ways of doing things. Find and develop the creativity that lives deep in the core of your true self. We all have it, so pull yours up, call it to action and use it!

4. Love your work! Make a commitment to yourself to become the best dancer in this business. Being great at what you do from your heart and soul is the key to loving and accepting yourself as a whole person, and understanding how very much you are worth. Prove yourself to yourself and no one can ever take that away from you!

5. Never hold back. Hesitation never takes you beyond the boundaries that keep you down, so don’t be afraid to take a few calculated risks. Work as hard as you can, and never leave money on the table that you have earned and you deserve.

6. Remember that every client is a billion-dollar customer. That person is the most important person in the world to you in the moments you spend with him. Treat others like you want to be treated and good things will come back to you in return.

7. Guard your soul. Be true to yourself and never do anything you are uncomfortable with. Be true to your goals and treat yourself to the successful life that you deserve.

8. Pay attention to the leaders in your club. See who is the best at what they do in your club and emulate them. You become like the people with whom you associate, so stay away from unsuccessful people and align yourself with winners so that you will become successful as well.

9. Time is money. Use your time constructively and don’t waste a single minute!

10. Commit to training your mind and your outlook. Read books about success, take courses, surround yourself with like-minded people who are where you want to be, and emulate them. Filling your mind with the best advice, information, wisdom, motivation and tools for success is ultimately the best investment you can make!

Jennifer McCumber on the DJ Platypus Show: How To Make More Money Now By Building a Better Exotic Dancer

Jennifer McCumber featured on the Planet Platypus Radio Show

"If Cash Is King, the Entertainers Are Queen"

By Jennifer McCumber.  I had the privilege of being featured on the DJ Platypus Radio Show on Tuesday night and it JUST came out for your listening pleasure!  But we’ll get to the show in a moment!

DJ Platypus is one of the most legendary DJs in the Strip Club industry, working for Rick’s Cabaret at Tootsie’s in Miami and managing all of the other DJs in the Rick’s Cabaret Chain – now 36 clubs strong.  One hell of an achievement.  And he does an outstanding job at it.

This particular show was revolutionary and very vital to our industry in a few ways.  One, it shows how when the going gets tough, we stick together and support each other like a family.

Daisy Duxe, one of the hosts of the weekly show and also now the marketing director of Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami, FL, almost didn’t make it after going to the hospital and had to be put on borer-line life support for an intense kidney infection and all other kinds of things that went wrong with the beautiful, young and intelligent lady.

She managed to call into the show last night and for the first 20 minutes of the show Plat, Johnny Walker and Mr. and Mrs. Voice spoke with her over the phone from her hospital bed where she is finally recovering.  What a trooper!

As promised, I said on Facebook that I would mention WHY I feel her pain.  It’s one of the reasons you ladies out there shouldn’t take your career for granted because your body has a limited amount of years to do this kind of work.  You are an athlete, a businesswoman and an entertainer all in one!  It’s easy to feel invincible and on cloud nine when you’re on stage, but the one thing we cannot escape is our own immortality.

This is the REAL reason why you've seen me wear scarves in some of my videos! Don't worry though, the battle scars are healing now!

Late last year I was hospitalized and had to have two neck surgeries due to some athletic injuries to fix a condition called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.  I didn’t have the fatal kind, but it can turn fatal if left untreated, and just the pain and suffering of being in the hospital sick, having a 6-7 hour surgery twice, and being in excruciating pain – I truly felt sorry and I felt her pain as she was finally able to talk over the phone for the first segment of our show on Tuesday.

When times get tough you really appreciate your health and you certainly won’t ever take it for granted again.  The opportunity to exotic dance is a very limited time – 10, 15 years if you’re lucky, which is why we talked about what we did on the show – how can we build a better exotic dancer NOW?  How can strip clubs make more money NOW?  If CASH is KING, the entertainers are certainly QUEEN, and the issue in our industry MUST be addressed about how we can create a win-win situation with clubs AND exotic dancers working TOGETHER to make their customers happy, and come back over and over again!

Without further ado, you can listen to the show by clicking =>HERE<= or the picture below!  Our segment starts at 20 minutes into the show!

Jennifer McCumber on Planet Platypus Radio

The One and Only DJ Platypus Radio Show!

EXPO Panel Sessions in 2010!

From exciting stripper tales to my experiences at doing rock-star style, transformational seminars at clubs, the main theme of the show was how clubs can attract and build the best entertainers possible.  The DJ Plat crew got to know me last night for the first time (it was a virginal experience!) and they all came to the conclusion that Freedom V and the following top 10 principles (although they didn’t get to ALL of them last night on the show) is what the industry needs to solve their entertainer problems and raise their bottom line.

Ladies – I’m going to address the club owners and managers for a moment and I want to hear your feedback and comments on the blog as to what you think of these 10 things.  Do you have them at your club?  If you DON’T and you did, would you feel more motivated and incentivised to work longer and harder to reap more rewards?  IE More money!?  Because if you haven’t realized this already, how much money the club makes is in direct proportion to how much YOU will make as an entertainer.  You are irrevocably linked and when one suffers the other suffers.  So…

Whether you’re a blue-collar club or part of a major club chain, there’s virtually no adult night club that wouldn’t want to add more quality entertainers to their current “line-up” of girls, no matter how crowded their dressing room is on a Saturday night.  So what do you do to attract the best entertainers to work in YOUR club over another?  What are the top 10 ways to build a better stripper and love the ones you’re with?

The obvious answer is having the best and the most customers frequenting your place of business.  Entertainers are attracted to a respectful higher-end clientele that understands what the “game” of strip clubs entail and can appreciate it for what it is by purchasing time and drinks in your club’s Champagne Rooms.

However, there is a lot of grunt work and hard selling that dancers must do with customers from all walks of life at every club.  During this economic climate, giving single lap dances over and over again is the norm as opposed to spending all night in a VIP area where they can sit back and relax.   And, every owner these days preaches to their dancers that they don’t just attract the best customers automatically – they have to have their entertainers there and WORKING to make it happen!

Don't Let Your Money Roll Away - Invest in Your Entertainers because THEY are your Front Line Sales Force - the Queen of the Cash King!

The following 10 items are THE MOST important in establishing yourself as THE CLUB to work at in YOUR town to attract the most talented and beautiful entertainers – AND – to straighten the ones out that you have.  Even though dancers today may be lazier and less appreciative of what you DO offer them, they will feel safe, at home, and loyal to your club if you implement the following principles — even if they are seemingly resistant to it at first. Remember, people are resistant to change, even if the change is good and your dancers are no exception!

1.    It All Starts with Incentives from Management.  Every good business owner knows that their people need incentives to achieve things.   At my home club, if my manager really needed girls on a certain day, he would waive or decrease the house fee.  Our house mom would also text all of us consistently with the latest meatball and spaghetti dinner she made that night – which was legendary and always had a great turnout — because the girls loved her home-cooked, free dinners!   We also had raffles and monetary prizes that rewarded entertainers for selling the most champagne that month, selling the most VIPs or dances, or for bringing in a new dancer!  Since you may not be able to “tell” your ladies what to do, having incentives can be very powerful to get them to do something for YOU voluntarily in return for YOU doing something for THEM.

2.    Hold Your Ladies Accountable.  The first lesson in human life we’ve all learned through hard-knocks is that people will walk all over you if you let them.  This goes for your entertainers the most.  I can’t stress this point enough – being firm but fair is the greatest tool I’ve used in public relations and business building.  You have to take the high road and run your business the right way, REWARD the ones that work hard and not the ones who hardly work, and fire the ladies that are bad seeds that spread negativity among the other dancers.  Your ladies may gripe, threaten you, cop an attitude and go work for someone else, but you didn’t need them anyways. Chances are, if these dancers act like this toward their management then they are acting like this toward the customer! The dancers who remain will come to respect you and take you seriously and will be a positive influence on everyone else in your club if you operate this way!

3.    Enforce No Touch Rules.  One of my first requirements for working at a club during the onset of my career was if they were a “clean” club.  Simply put, your clubs are not brothels.  The truth is, more money is made in the “fantasy” of the game rather than making it a reality.  If you hold your standards high and have your bouncers interject when a customer is getting too handsy, the ladies will respect you more and they will respect themselves more.   Most importantly, your customers will know to respect your ladies and your place of business and they will trust you with their money because you have high standards.

 4.    Have a Responsible House Mom.  This is one of the best-hidden gems you can implement to improve your entertainer base.  House moms provide a great and much needed service to your dancers.  They can make/bring food, they can help with hair and make-up, they can be a trusted female shoulder to cry on, and they can keep the locker rooms clean and drama free! They can also text/call the ladies to come into work with incentives.  Ladies will feel more at home, less threatened, and loyal to you if you have a responsible house mom. They can manage the entertainers in a way that a man can’t, it’s just that simple!

5.    Have Clean and Updated Facilities.  If you’ve been successful with attracting female customers, you know that they like clean bathrooms and modernized furniture and nice, bright, shiny things.  Entertainers are no different!  If your dressing room is outdated or too small for all of your ladies to put on makeup, if your bathrooms are smelly and messy, and your facilities in general are dilapidated and dank, they won’t feel comfortable working at your club!  It’s plain sales psychology.  I’m not saying you have to be the most luxurious and new place on the block, but if you are consistently responsible in this area your entertainers will love you for it!

6.    Have Champagne Rooms.  I mean this figuratively as well as literally depending on how your club building is structured.  It may not be possible for you to have physical Champagne Rooms separate from your main floor, but DO have a way where the entertainer can up-sell their services somehow.  Dancers love to work in a club where they can start off with a lap dance and try to go for the bigger sale by selling chunks of time in a more private area to make everyone more money when appropriate.  This up-sell must also be appealing to the customer, where they think they can have more one-on-one time with their entertainer (with bouncers nearby!).  It’s all about the fantasy-entertainment-girl-friend experience and any way a sales funnel can be implemented for the ladies it will make them more loyal to you and cultivate a more profitable situation for your club!

 7.    Forget About Absentee Ownership!  There is something about the entertainers seeing the owner walk through the doors of their club. It makes them feel like they are in the right place.  Even though the ladies may come off as unappreciative, there is a deep-rooted respect and loyalty for an owner that is consistently involved in their club.  It sets the standard from the top, there is less room for error, and the entertainers know who is in charge.  They also feel special if the owner speaks with them on a personal level.  This generation needs guidance and good mentors. They know one when they see one.  Although you might think the entertainers resent you – most of them simply want to be like you!

 8.    Have Excellent Security.  A huge factor in maintaining a consistent entertainer base is making them feel safe and secure working in your club.  If they have to go outside to a dimly lit parking lot by themselves at night, they won’t feel very comfortable given their line of work!  If they feel like a customer that is misbehaving might harm them in the Champagne Room, they will seek work somewhere else.  At my home club, we had our cars secured by valet when we arrived. The distance between our drop off point and the building was minimal, and at the end of the night the club’s doors were locked. The inside and outside of the building were cleared of cars and customers before we were allowed to leave.  Many times, we had personal escorts to our cars to make sure we could leave safely.

 9.    Have Reasonable House Fees.  If there is one thing that the dancers complain about the most—it is their house fees!  Some are affected by it more than others but one thing is for certain – the more competitive you can be in offering incentives and/or discounts in this arena the more likely you will generate a loyal base of dancers working at your club.  They will feel like you are looking after their best interest, that they aren’t just a number, and that compared to other clubs, you are treating them fairly.

10. Work With a Daycare Center.  I had the privilege of being on a panel session with Niko Foster of Jaguars Gold Clubs during the EXPO in 2011 and he taught me this important principle.  I have to give him credit for this one.  He stated that you could generate an extra $5,000 to your bottom line if you generate 100 more dancer shifts per month utilizing this concept.  So many of the dancers can’t come to work if they don’t find a babysitter for their children!  If your club is proactive in finding solutions like this one for your ladies it will minimize their excuses for not showing up and give them more reasons to stay at your place of business!  Certainly your competition won’t have THIS arrangement!

This is Jennifer McCumber here wishing YOU the BEST of SUCCESS!



How to be a Stripper: Gentlemen’s Club Owners EXPO Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay!

YouTube Preview Image
Strip Club EXPO Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay and The Hotel make an amazing getaway to get your business DONE!

Being in the exotic dancing industry is a lot of fun!  Especially when it comes to Las Vegas!  If you are a stripper, staff member, or club executive in the Gentlemen’s Club Industry, attending the Gentlemen’s Club Owners EXPO in Las Vegas this August 27-29th is a Must!

I’m Jennifer McCumber, author of Freedom V, feature columnist for ED Publications and I’m leading the movement for exotic dancer education all over the world.

You might be asking, what am I going to get out of taking my sweet time to travel all of the way out to Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas to attend this EXPO?

First off, The Annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners EXPO is the only national convention and tradeshow for the multi-billion-dollar adult nightclub industry, and is produced by ED Publications, the industry’s trade magazine for the past 20 years.  There are MUST SEE shows and entertainment at night while you do business and network during the day!

Without further ado, here is a list of the top ways YOU will benefit as an industry member if you go!

1.  Educational Seminars:  I know this might sound dorky to you, but if you want to be successful, make the big bucks, and make the contacts and connections that YOU DEFINITELY NEED to be successful in this industry, you will want to attend some of the panel sessions that are going on during the EXPO.

These are amazing opportunities to learn the latest trends in the business, cutting edge marketing strategies, attend workshops on how to be better at what you do, and get FREE legal advice!  That is worth the trip alone!

This year, since it is the 20th Anniversary Reunion Party and a double decade celebration of the birth of our EXPO, you’ll be hearing the living legends of our industry give state of the union speeches, and you’ll get to see them in action and learn from the pioneers that made the industry what it is today!  Some of these legends include John Gray from Spearmint Rhino, Joe Redner from Mons Venus, and Michael J Peter, who INVENTED the modern day strip club, and is still alive to talk about it!

Jennifer McCumber Las Vegas

Here we are! Enjoying our red carpet party at the EXPO!

2.  PARTIES!  If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas – you know the parties are off the chain.  Combine that with the strip club industry and you’ll get the most bang for your buck by coming to the EXPO!  Every single night of the EXPO there is a party to: celebrate, cut business deals, meet other industry members and have SO much fun!  Penthouse usually sponsors a red carpet event on that first Monday evening, which is usually a pool party with a bikini contest for the dancers and cash prizes, the second night is the grammy awards  for our industry, which is a very high end, entertaining evening with feature entertainers competing for entertainer of the year and clubs competing for club of the year and so many more amazing awards for their achievement.

Our awards show even has a stand up comedian hosting the event and you’ll roll out of your chair from laughing so hard!

The last night of the EXPO everyone goes out to a Las Vegas strip club and celebrates with their friends and colleagues from a hard week at work!

3.  300 Booth EXPO:  Attending this EXPO is like the Ebcott’s Disney World of the Gentlemen’s Club Industry – you will get to see businesses from the entire world of the adult nightclub industry, professionally exhibiting their products and services.  This includes:

Exotic Dancer Education Companies, like us!
Liquor, beer and wine distributors
Food and beverage companies
Club furnishings and products companies
Club brokers
Insurance specialists
Sound, lighting & staging companies
Health, beauty
Apparel companies
Computer and internet specialists.
Staffing Services

Gentlemen’s clubs represent the highest-grossing segment of the nightclub industry. There are more than 3,000 adult nightclubs in North America which employ over 500,000 dancers and support staff, and serve 1.2 million customers a day!

We live in a country that needs jobs desperately – but there are always plenty of jobs in the adult nightclub industry!

Come on out and see us in Las Vegas and you’ll have a blast while getting your business done!

For more information on how to reach the decision-makers of the 3,000 adult nightclubs in the U.S.

Please contact: Lacy Empkey or Ryan Davis, (727) 726-3592, lacy@EDpublications.com

YOUR FEEDBACK IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US – please comment on the blog below with any questions or concerns that you have!  Strippers from around the world are bound to chime in on the discussion!

You can find more videos, education and training on our following social media sites!

You Tube at Freedom V Online

Facebook at Freedom V for Exotic Dancers

and Twitter at FreedomVstrip

This is Jennifer McCumber Here wishing you the best of success!

Interview with Tali De’Mar and Clips from EXPO Las Vegas 2010


Las Vegas Expo and Tradeshow


Join us August 22nd-25th at the Mirage Las Vegas, NV!

I will be speaking on a panel with other experts about the importance of Dancer to Customer communication and how this affects the club’s bottom line.

What can an EXOTIC DANCER reveal to you that you HAVEN’T seen? Come and find out.

EXPO & Tradeshow details:

This is the largest gathering of the year of the owners and operators of the multi-billion-dollar adult nightclub industry.



  • A three-day conference and tradeshow for the adult nightclub industry with more than 3,000 attendees.
  • Daily panel sessions with industry leaders addressing legal, marketing, management and insurance topics; alcohol sales; club sound; lighting and renovations; employee relations; new products; and much more.
  • Two-day tradeshow with 450-plus booths.
  • Opening Night Party.
  • Industry Appreciation Party.
  • Adult Nightclub Awards Show, Vegas showroom-style.
  • Membership meeting of the Association of Club Executives (ACE).
  • Produced by E.D. Publications, publishers for 20 years of the Annual Adult Nightclubs and Vendors Guide and the bimonthly Club Bulletin business magazine.


  • The Annual EXPO draws over 3,000 attendees, including over 1,700 adult nightclub owners, club executives, general managers, bartenders, floor managers, DJs and club personnel from individual clubs and club chains.
  • Other EXPO attendees include liquor, beer and wine distributors; food and beverage companies; club furnishings and products companies; attorneys, architects, club brokers and insurance specialists; sound, lighting and staging companies; health, beauty and apparel companies; and computer and internet specialists.


  • Gentlemen’s clubs represent the highest-grossing segment of the nightclub industry. There are more than 3,000 adult nightclubs in North America which employ over 500,000 dancers and support staff, and serve 1.6 million customers a day. Adult nightclubs lead the industry in alcohol sales; they are a multi-billion-dollar industry.


  • To reserve booth space or be a sponsor at EXPO 2010, please contact Gary Daugherty or Lacy Empkey at (727) 726-3592 or email them at gary@EDpublications.com or lacy@EDpublications
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