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Amazing Stripper Clothes from TabuToys.com

Jun 4 2011
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Stripper Outfits

Dance Wear from Tabu Toys

Shopping for stripper clothes can be frustrating.  Finding a size that fits and complements your body type while bringing out your complexion, minimizing flaws, and having easy on and off quality for lap dances is a must.  I have searched high and low for a company that I can rely on.  I present to you TabuToys.com!

The two stripper outfits contained in this post are comfortable dance wear dresses that I would like to talk about specifically.  First off is the yellow dress.  As you will see it has a nice open-back look with a vertical slit in the front at the chest with extra cloth material around the tummy to hide a pooch!  However, you will not “look” pregnant in this dress because of the nice offset that you get with the tight skirt section which shows off a slimming thigh line.

There are a few reasons why I recommend this dress as a dance wear dress for stripper clothes.  First, it is so comfortable that you could sleep in the outfit!  Second, it comes on and off very very easily.  The last thing that a stripper needs is to be fooling around with a complicated outfit for 5 minutes every time you put it on or take it off.  That wastes your hard-earned time and money!

This dress only comes in yellow which looks best if you have at least a little tan, but I hadn’t tanned one bit this spring and it looked fine in these pictures!  Of course, I have a natural olive complexion but I still get white in the winter!  It will be fine in the club especially since the lights are more dim there.  Lastly, the rhinestone piece that ties this dress around your neck is absolutely stunning!

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Health and Comfort Win with Women’s Thongs!

Oct 18 2010
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Women’s thongs are a perennial favorite at strip clubs because they reveal as much as possible without being illegal or revealing too much! However, one mistake I see new dancers make is in their selection of which thongs to wear at work.

If you’re expecting to be successful and build regulars, you’re going to work long hours. Let’s face it, 6 hours is a long time to be dancing, much more so if you’re working 8-10 hour shifts. This is a long time for things to go wrong with your girlie bits because you’re wearing an unsuitable thong!

G-String Materials as Your First Consideration

The first, most obvious mistake is in the material; not all fabric is created equal. Satin, leather and latex are all very sexy and extremely common materials for women’s thongs and g-strings, but you don’t want to wear them hours at a time. These materials aren’t very breathable, and a lack of air to your bits can lead to odor problems and yeast infections.

The only material that avoids this issue is cotton. It’s not only the most comfortable material (more on this in a sec), but it’s the only material that breathes sufficiently to keep your plumbing working properly.

While you may think that it’s the least sexy fabric out there, it doesn’t matter that much in the dim lights of a strip club. Customers are more concerned with the dancer’s ability to entertain than the kind of fabric she’s wearing.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t integrate sexier fabrics into your costume wardrobe. Just remember to alternate less breathable fabrics with cotton thongs to help keep your body in balance. 

As hard as it may be to find 100% cotton thongs, I recommend the ones at www.snaz75.com because they are the MOST breathable and durable for dancing!

Wear a Thong that Fits

How the thong fits is another important issue. Many dancers think that a tight thong is the high point of sexiness, but it can cause many potenitally unsexy things to happen. At the top of the list is chafing. Having a thong that you can pluck like a guitar string will leave marks on your skin—the straps can leave marks on your hips, and it can also abrade your skin, especially if you shave your labia.

A loose thong can bring up more issues with your vaginal health. Most of us don’t want to think of it, but a loose thong can transfer e coli bacteria from the back to the front, causing bacterial vaginosis or urinary tract infections. It also doesn’t consistently cover everything that needs to be covered, creating potential hygiene issues for other dancers, as well.

While it may seem silly to make a big deal about the kinds of underwear a dancer chooses to wear, it really can make an impact on your health and work. Keeping your body healthy should always be a high priority!

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How to Wear Sexy Stripper Shoes Without Killing Yourself

Sep 5 2010
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Sexy stripper shoes are a staple of Gentlemen’s Clubs. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad one is up to you! But the fact of the matter is that stripper shoes aren’t going away any time soon!

With a typical height of 5″ or more, these high-heels can be real killers if you haven’t prepared yourself for the ordeal (and nothing spells “ordeal” for your feet like six hours in heels!)  So, how do you avoid killing yourself while wearing them? Read on to learn the top three things you can do to help prevent injury and make the ordeal as comfortable as possible.

Be a Size Queen

No, not like that! I’m talking about shoe size here, and how important it is to actually wear the right one.  Too many women pry their feet into too-small shoes, which can do devastating damage to the feet over the long-term.

Aside from the blisters, too-small shoes will compress the bones, nerves and connective tissues of the foot, resulting in damage and eventual deformity. Think of it Chinese foot binding on a smaller scale (and have you ever seen an X-ray of the results?  Totally horrifying.)

Truly, it’s just a number, folks–try to avoid an emotional attachment to a size 6 if you really need to be wearing a 7 wide.  If you wear the wrong size, you will eventually destroy your feet–and you certainly need those if you’re going to dance!

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Choosing the Right G-String Bikini for Stripping

May 31 2010
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The g-string bikini is a staple in many strippers’ wardrobes and is an essential feature of the exotic dancing industry. Of course, every guy in the room is going to want to see as much as he can of you, but you have to choose them carefully.  The right g-string isn’t just the one that fits properly (though that’s important too).  Rather, it’s the one that complies with local laws regarding the degree of coverage that’s required.

It’s hard to believe, but women have actually been arrested for dancing in the wrong g-string. This sort of thing is more likely in an election year, when local officials want to be viewed as “tough on crime” and “family friendly.” If you don’t want to be a political casualty, take a look at the advice below.

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The Top Dollar Costume Series: Cheerleaders Stripping in College

May 8 2010
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They’re beautiful.  They’re popular.  They’re unattainable for the common man.  They’re… cheerleaders stripping in college!

In our first installment of the Top Dollar Costume Series, we’ll have a look at the ubiquitous cheerleader, one of the most sizzling hot fantasy personas in strip clubs today.

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