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Mar 7 2010
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If you are apprehensive about doing this business of exotic dance I completely understand! Or maybe you have taken the plunge and there are people in your life that have a big problem with it.  This apprehension happens mostly because society has always trained women to do only what is traditionally considered ladylike, socially acceptable, and polite. This is why most women in the previous century were either teachers, nurses, or secretaries – not that those things are bad at all – but what if a lady didn’t want to do that?  What if she wanted to be an engineer?  Too Bad – secretary school for her!   Women were also told to cover their ankles and shoulders because it was provocative.  I say that trying to control women’s decisions, lives, and limiting their options of FREEDOM for the sake of ego, power, and medieval ideals is the most horrid evil around!  However, things are a lot different now than they used to be, and there are quite a few examples of this.

Consider the following:

Point of Reference: Working at Hooters. Before I became an exotic dancer, like so many young college women today, around my sophomore year in college I became a Hooters girl. The truth is that exotic dancing is very similar to a Hooters waitressing job; really there is not a huge difference between the two. You wear tight clothes, show cleavage, promote a fun atmosphere – and you get hit on by the clientele quite a bit. At Hooters there are many beautiful women all working in one place, and men come there seeking interaction and entertainment.

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