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The Truth About Breast Augmentation, the Recovery, and Life After

Mar 20 2013
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Jennifer McCumber Breast Augmentation Recovery

My breasts came out pretty good. I can make them look natural or wear a push up that adds some nice cleavage!

(by Jennifer McCumber) Having breast augmentation is something that every exotic dancer at least thinks about at some point in their career.  About 50% of all exotic dancers DO end up making the choice for enhancement.  You might be doing research right now on things you need to know, risks, rewards, recovery time and what to expect before, during, and after your surgery.

As a breast augmentation patient myself – I can tell you from experience all of the information that took me months and months to find – all in this video.  I grew up around plastic surgery as my grandfather is the premier plastic and reconstructive surgeon in north florida.  I’ve had quite a few procedures done and I’ve been around the business for a long time.

Hi I’m Jennifer McCumber, author of Freedom V, feature columnist for ED Publications and I’m leading the movement for exotic dancer education all over the world.

Recovery from breast augmentation takes about three weeks to get back to fully functioning again.  You should plan on taking two weeks off from work because you will not be able to lift your arms above your head or carry anything – if you opt to get your implants inserted underneath your chest muscles rather than above them, which most women do.  The doctors will advise you to keep your elbows hitched to your sides so that the internal stitches and implants can have a chance to heal in the correct position that they were placed.

After about two weeks you’ll be able to do really basic and gentle activities again and after three weeks, if the surgeon was indeed good, you will be able to get back into athletics and whatever you were doing before your surgery ever happened!

During the 12 hours before surgery you cannot eat or drink anything because you will be under general anesthesia.  The most common side effect of anesthesia is nausea, so if you’ve had surgery before and know that will be an issue, just ask for extra anti-nausea medication to be combined with your anesthesia medication.

Waking up after anesthesia is a very unique experience. 

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How to Be a Stripper: The Top Four Credentials Your Plastic Surgeon Needs

Oct 29 2012
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McCumber cleavage
Having a conservative plastic surgeon is always good in the long run! Look how it turned out in my case!!

I know it can be difficult to decide on which plastic surgeon to choose, so I’m going to dive right into the qualifications you need to look for when you are considering plastic surgery!

Hi I’m Jennifer McCumber, author of Freedom V, feature columnist for ED Publications Magazine and I’m leading the movement for exotic dancer development all over the world.

Keep this in mind first:  Any surgeon who is willing to distort and stretch the skin to a point of no return in order to create over-sized breasts on your body does not care about your well being nor the inherent side effects that having such large breasts could wreak on your back, chest muscles, shoulders, skin, and nipples. Why would you want to do that to yourself anyway?

Beauty is pain, and these invasive procedures are rather painful. It does pay you in the long run as a professional dancer to have your boobs done if they need extra size. But please don’t ruin perfectly great boobs if you already have them, just to be bigger!

Make sure your chosen surgeon has current membership in these groups.  These are the four credentials you are looking for:

1.  American Society of Plastic Surgeons
2.  American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
3.  The American Medical Association
4.  Any Other Local associations for medicine and plastic surgery

There are many health care providers who perform plastic surgery procedures, but you need to be aware that they are not necessarily certified plastic surgeons. Only ASPS Member Surgeons are truly qualified to perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries of any kind.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) member surgeons have been fully certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), or by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada. The ABPS is approved to certify plastic surgeons for practice by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), in particular for surgery to the face, but for other areas of the body as well.

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Plastic Surgery 101 for Strippers

Oct 25 2012
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If you are considering plastic surgery and you’ve watched my videos on tips for achieving the most aesthetic procedure with the most competent surgeon possible, here is some more information for you on the historical development of plastic surgery!

Hi I’m Jennifer McCumber, author of Freedom V, feature columnist for ED Publications Magazine and I’m leading the movement for exotic dancer development all over the world.

The Egyptians were certainly innovative for their time!

Plastic surgery originated with the Egyptians, with documentation beginning around 3000 BC. Most of their work apparently centered on facial reconstruction with an emphasis on correcting jaw and nose disfigurement. Later, around 600 BC, we have documentation indicating progress in these procedures in India.

More recently the disfiguring injuries sustained by soldiers in WWII drove accelerated developments in reconstructive surgery in the Western world. Advances in plastic surgery as cosmetic treatment as well as reconstructive and corrective surgery has increased exponentially ever since; indeed plastic surgery is considered the most progressive form of contemporary surgery.

Of particular interest to you would likely be the 1962 creation and design of the first silicone breast implants by plastic surgeons Cronin and Gerow, which has since become an advanced and commonplace procedure with a greater degree of aesthetic success and safety than ever before. Rhinoplasty, face lifts and other facial procedures have progressed at least as much within this time frame. Most recently, French surgeons have even successfully transplanted an entire face using advanced microsurgical techniques.

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Plastic Surgery Tips for Epic Looking Boobs as a Stripper

Oct 14 2012
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YouTube Preview Image
Jenn McCumber

This is an image from one of my most famous photo shoots after I worked out in Venice Beach for 6 weeks straight!

I’m Jennifer McCumber, author of Freedom V, feature columnist for ED Publications Magazine and I’m leading the movement for exotic dancer development all over the world.

Plastic surgery is something I have been intimately exposed to for most of my life. I had my nose done at age 16. I also had laser hair removal at 18. I had breast augmentation at age 23, Botox injections in my forehead at 25 and Juviderm in my lips at 26. Most of these procedures were done by my grandfather, who is the premier plastic and reconstructive surgeon in North Florida. And I’ve seen the results of many other procedures – good and bad.

The most interesting thing about it is that most men and women don’t think I have had any work done. People tell me all the time that I have a natural beauty and ambiance. You’ll learn that this is the key to success with plastic surgery. In order to be the most aesthetically pleasing, you do not want to look fake; in other words, have huge boobs, huge lips, or anything else that will drastically change your appearance.

I can honestly say that I have made more money by looking natural than if I had gone to extremes. Men tell me all the time that they are tired of all of the media focus around breasts that are overdone. I very much agree with this aesthetic; cosmetic procedures should be more about having your augmentation or reduction being proportionate to your body overall. Being sensible here will also avoid unnecessary stretching of the skin. Trust me, once you go up to a larger breast size, your skin is stretched and can never go back. If you do try to go back down again, your scar will be nasty.

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Strippers- Avoid Bad Plastic Surgery and Make Your Lap Dancing GREAT!

Feb 8 2011
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