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Become a Freedom V Affiliate Partner!

May 23 2013
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For the first time ever – we are opening our doors to hard working affiliate partners!  This opportunity is for YOU if you meet any of the following:

Freedom V for Exotic Dancers

These beautifully famous women in the industry wouldn’t be where they are now if they didn’t have a strong work ethic and employ Freedom V Principles in their own businesses!

1.  Currently have a website where you would like to promote positivity through exotic dancer education.

2.  Have a mailing list that would be interested in exotic dancer education to better their career and make more money!

3.  Would like to receive a 20% commission from every product of ours that you sell through your unique link to our site!

4.  If you are an exotic dancer that wants to create an extra avenue of income by helping other exotic dancers!

5.  If you are a club owner, manager, DJ, Bartender, House Mom, or other staff that wants to create an extra revenue stream by helping exotic dancers!

Click =>HERE<= to sign up right now!

We all know and want entertainers and their clubs to be better.  Better at salesmanship, better at customer service, better at making more money, and better at taking care of their bodies and their lives in and out of the club.

The Five P’s in Freedom V teach every exotic dancer:

These are the Five P's in Freedom V!  All the dancer has to do is climb the pole to get to the top!  It's that simple!

These are the Five P’s in Freedom V! All the dancer has to do is climb the pole to get to the top! It’s that simple!

Passion: Fining your passion in life and in this business will fuel your drive for success.  What things do you like to do when no one is watching you?  Also, your mental state of being is just as important as your physical state.  The mind controls the body and we teach you how to think positively, do the things that you love to do that will drive you to ultimate success in life and in your club!

Prepare: Preparation for exotic dancing is so important, from your stage name to your outfit, hair, and make-up, the way you present yourself and who you ultimately decide to be will dictate how successful you are!

Power:  Your body is your business, and it it powerful!  In this section of Freedom V, you will learn how to sculpt your ultimate body, learn the essentials for physical fitness catered just for your career as an exotic dancer!

Position: This is where sales psychology comes in.  From approaching your prospects in the club to closing the deal, this section dives deep into field-tested sales and conversion techniques that will ultimately give your customers more reasons to buy lap dances, VIP rooms and you’ll even have regulars coming back again and again just for YOU!

Preserve: Having something to show for your career when you decide to hang up the high heels is the whole point of exotic dancing.  The money is great, but not if you spend it all away!  This section will teach you how to budget, save, spend on the things you like without going broke, and how to invest in things like mutual funds and real estate.

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Don’t delay and sign up today for spreading the positive cause of exotic dancer education!

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Should I Invest in Real Estate as an Exotic Dancer? FAQ

May 10 2013
By :
YouTube Preview Image
Looking at Real Estate a little more closely might give you a better idea about how to be successful.

Looking at Real Estate a little more closely might give you a better idea about how to be successful.

Real estate oh real estate! There are so many TV and reality shows, books, and websites about people that have made their fortune in real estate.

Unfortunately, at best these real estate reports leave out some of the important details so you don’t get the whole story. In other words, what is portrayed to be “easy money” really isn’t so easy after learning all the facts.

Charlie from Colorado blogged in and asked the following:  ” I am a successful exotic dancer and I’ve saved my money for a rainy day, but I’ m wondering where to put my money so that I can make some extra income or even get out of exotic dancing.  I know with the economy down right now it’s a good time to buy.  Should  I  invest in real estate as an exotic dancer right now to make a quick buckle? Or will I be waiting 30 years to cash in my profits?”

You see, Real estate stories tend to focus on the very few that actually make it in real estate and fail to report the thousands of folks that lose their shirts.

Now hold on! I didn’t say you can’t make money in real estate but in 999 of 1000 times it is a result of very hard work, being very patient, and having the skill set to stomach the volatility of the real estate market.

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Top 5 Ways to KEEP Your Cash as a Stripper FAQ

May 1 2013
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YouTube Preview Image
Common sense for exotic dancers

At the end of the day, common sense will rule all. Having common sense enough to be aware of your financial future can save your life!

It is so easy to treat stripper cash like monopoly money.  You may say to yourself, “oh, that’s only a $100 pair of shoes,” or “Gosh, this outfit and jewelry is a MUST have for THIS deal.” And then between going out to eat, partying, paying rent and your car note, you’ve got nothing to show for all of your hard earned money at the end of the very next day or week that you’ve made it!

Does any of this at all sound familiar to you?  So what’s the secret to keeping all of that money AWAY from the figurative gaping hole in your pocket?

Well, You know the rest by now!  Just check out the rest of our stripper blog here!

Keeping your money without frivolously falling into the perpetual spending trap takes discipline, very similar to watching what you eat.  If you ate bags and bags of candy every day, you would be “spending” way too many calories and the result would be a significant increase in your waist line!

Many people approach their temptations for chocolate and other vices by not having any of it in the house at all.  If it’s in front of you, you’ll eat it.

Well, the same thing goes for your money.  Until you develop and refine your discipline for saving, if it’s in front of you, you’ll spend it!

So what are the first steps you should take to get started and get OUT of the spending trap?

Step One:  Every night that you work, put a significant percentage of that money in an envelope that is in a portable and locked safe in your room.  You can entitle the envelope, “Do Not Touch.”  Or, “Off Limits!”  Slide it in a hiding place so that you won’t have the cash on you when you go to the store!  After about a week of doing this, you’ll be surprised at how much money you have SAVED.

Step Two:  Deposit your envelope money into a savings account.  Repeat weekly, or daily!  In this way you won’t be able to access it as easily, no writing checks, etc. And, the cash is gone and into a safe place where you can’t just make impulse buys.  Commit to the term, “savings” account for doing just that – saving!

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Top 5 Ways to Avoid Burn Out as an Exotic Dancer FAQ

Apr 23 2013
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YouTube Preview Image
Exotic Dancer Burnout

Take a moment to pace yourself, rest, get recharged, and get back into the game!

Many exotic dancers from across the globe get that “burned out” or “jaded” feeling.  It could happen after 2 years or 10 years.  It just depends on the person.  Melissa from Maryland asked us the following question:

“I’ve been a dancer for about 5 years now and I’m starting to get really tired of the same song and dance.  So how can I stay fresh, keep making “new girl” money during my entire career, and avoid feeling like my money and my career is out of my control?”

That is so well put.  I had that exact same feeling after a few years and let me tell you, there is nothing worse than being exhausted, walking into the doors of your club and feeling drained and not into it.

It takes a lot of energy to be an exotic dancer.  You have to be the host of your own party for hours and hours!  So, Here are the TOP ways that will keep you ON FIRE and focused and have fun while you do it, feeling good!

1.  Get 8 hours of sleep every night and after work, go home and go to bed as early as possible.  Studies have shown that your body repairs itself the most efficiently during the sleeping hours of 10pm to 2am.  After that it’s hit or miss unless you get even more than 8 hours of sleep.  So if you’re like most entertainers that don’t get off of work until 2:30am to 5am or 6am, don’t go and do anything else after work except shower and sleep.  This is so important because I know from experience that if you don’t get sleep, you can get crabby, depressed, sick, and just plain mean!  To get to functioning on all four cylinders make sure you go home and sleep after work, not party or go out.  Do that on your nights off!

2.  Take care of your body and don’t constantly pound it with too much alcohol or smoking.  Being sleep deprived plus getting drunk on a regular basis kills your energy not to mention your liver.  This will surely get you run down and sick, and then you can’t go make money at all!

3.  Space out your meals to five or six small meals a day to keep your blood sugar consistent and even.  Eating correctly, like we talk about in our fitness and nutrition section in Freedom V, will keep you energized and feeling and looking good!  Energy plus confidence plus good fuel for your body will help you to feel good and have the stamina to give your customers that fantasy experience all night long!  Even if you have to take quick breaks during your shift!

4.  Go on vacation regularly.  Sometimes when you want to quit altogether and get frustrated, angry or depressed about your income or people or customers, just take a nice vacation to somewhere where you can relax and not worry about anything. I did this every several months as a dancer and boy was it worth it.  I came back energized and recharged like I was brand new!

5.  Be smart with your money and utilize Freedom V principles.  Nothing is worse than being stressed because you HAVE to pay rent, etc.  Scared money never wins.  That’s a gambling term that means that if you go out on the floor desperate for money with deadlines and so forth, without having any money put away as a failsafe, you’ll end up burning yourself out very, very fast.  Most women dance for the money and making it is easy compared to keeping it.  Learn how to keep it so you won’t get put in a terrible situation!

YOUR FEEDBACK IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US – please comment on the blog below with any questions or concerns that you have!  Strippers from around the world are bound to chime in on the discussion!

You can find more in depth videos, education and training on our blog under the following categories in the navigation bar:

Freedom V

Champagne Inner Circle

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Find Your Expensive Looking Stripper Jewelry at JC Penney for CHEAP!

Dec 8 2012
By :
Stripper Jewelry from JC Penney

It's amazing what kinds of attractive jewelry you can find for an affordable price if you are savvy with your money!

Stripper jewelry is something that I’ve always found difficult to find a balance between the style and the price.  With all of your dancing and so forth you want something durable that won’t break after your first few wears.

Also, standing out is important and LOOKING expensive (quality!) is part of the fantasy you want to create for your customers.  But – you don’t want to break the bank if you don’t NEED to since we’ve been talking about money management principles in Freedom V!

So – without further ado – here is a picture of an amazing rhinestone, bling-bling necklace I found in JC Penney!  For around $20!

I was simply on a stroll at the mall window shopping the latest trends in fashion – which is something I am ALWAYS on the lookout for my valuable followers (YOU!) – and I could not believe my eyes.

Bright and beautiful rhinestone earrings, bracelets, all very flamboyant and catches the light at the club – for all around $10-$20!

I thought to myself – gosh, we strippers really do set the trends for the rest of society to catch on years later!  I had to go to pageant jewelry stores and spend $100’s of dollars for the stripper jewelry bling I used to wear because department stores just didn’t have the kind of jewelry I needed!

I went from mall kiosk to lingerie and adult stores, to California trips and wild websites online – but when it comes to the jewelry you wear at the club, there is nothing like touching and feeling it to see if it is the right size and quality for the outfits you want to wear.

Exotic Dancer jewelry at JC Penney

You can see these are $26 but I've touched and felt - and they are worth it.

Here is another example of some stripper jewelry at JC Penney.  These were the kinds of bracelets I would always wear with upscale matching outfits – and quite frankly these will break a lot if they are high quality or not, so why pay the big bucks if they only have a shelf life of a few months?

As an honorable mention, since you are independent professional entertainers and you don’t want to be obvious and always look like a stripper in public, I found a nice rhinestone set of dainty, classy earrings and a sexy matching plunge single- stone rhinestone necklace for all of my business meetings for $24 – combined!

Ladies – your jewelry problem is solved.  Go check out your local JC Penney and let me know what you think.   I know some stores are bigger with more inventory than others, but it is definitely worth the effort, and your pocket book will love you even more for it!

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Top Five Steps to Have More Money as a Stripper

Nov 17 2012
By :
YouTube Preview Image
Stripper money management

Print this out and use it every night!

Today we are going to talk about how you manage your money, from the time you count it at the end of your shift to the time it leaves your hands when you buy something!  How much should you save?  How much should you put towards bills?  Or Taxes?  How much should you tip out?  How can you build credit to buy things like a car or rent a nice apartmentAll of these questions will be answered TODAY in a simple 5-step strategy you can hang in your locker or on your refrigerator to reference every day!

I’m Jennifer McCumber, author of Freedom V, feature columnist for ED Publications Magazine and I’m leading the movement for exotic dancer development all over the world.

We’re going to dive head first into the five things you need to do now to start saving money and investing in your future.

1.  Count:  Count all of your money after your shift. This is your GROSS income.  Keep this in your records every evening.  At the end of the night when everyone is tallying up their dollars earned, don’t be caught unorganized or by surprise.  Have a way to organize your money as you go as the evening moves along, in an envelope in your locker or divided in your purse.  Crumpled up dollars and unorganized cash can disappear fast!

2.  Tip:  Tip Out Approx 15% of your total income to your other staff like bouncers, DJ’s, House Moms, Valet, and any other applicable staff.  Record the total amount you tip out DAILY in your records.  Also include any house fees as a business expense and save all of your receipts.  I have been rewarded greatly as an exotic dancer by generously tipping out the bouncers and DJ’s that worked with me at my home club because they always sent high value clientele my way.  If you develop partnerships with the other staff at your club, the tipping out becomes a lot more fun because it is money that you have earned with someone together – much more than one person can do on their own!  Everyone wins this way!

On the other hand, Tipping out is not done just because, “that’s the way that this business works!”  Tipping out is done to reward good work! No one is entitled to receive a tip out, nor are they entitled to an attitude against tipping out!  Tipping out should be scaled according to the amount of work that is done for the entertainer in addition to the percentage of an entertainer’s income.  This is commission sales after all!  Incentives always motivate people to do their best work!  With this method the customer will win because dancers and staff will be motivated to help each other, which is in turn helping the customer!

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How To Be A Successful Stripper: 2 Rules You Need to Make Money

Nov 5 2012
By :
Build Wealth as a Stripper

This can be YOU if you heed my words!

By Jennifer McCumber Today we’re going to dive into our series on how to accumulate wealth as a stripper instead of going broke and having nothing to show for it in the end!

I’m Jennifer McCumber, author of Freedom V, feature columnist for ED Publications Magazine and I’m leading the movement for exotic dancer education all over the world.

So Let’s roll up our sleeves!

If you were unlucky like most of us and started without money, wealth may seem totally out of your grasp. In reality, there are two simple, reliable rules to gaining wealth.

Rule 1: Have no debt. (Pay cash, not interest)

Rule 2: Spend less than you make.

I am no genius of course.  I’m educated, but I don’t have a degree in economics or business, and I don’t have a new brilliant idea. But I HAVE accumulated wealth and I know how to help you do the same. How would you like to wake up wealthy? Well, that ain’t gonna happen – Yet! But, someday you will be able to wake up wealthy if you heed my words.

So, What does a millionaire look like? If you were suddenly a millionaire tomorrow, what would you do differently? How would you dress, act, where would you go and what would you do? You might be surprised to find out that most millionaires really aren’t that different from everyone else. In their book, “The Millionaire Next Door,” Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D. and William D. Danko, Ph.D. tell us exactly what an average millionaire looks like:

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