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How to Sell More Lap Dances and Champagne Rooms Part 1: Identifying a Whale

Sep 12 2011
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Hi I’m Jennifer McCumber, president of how-to-strip.com, author of Champagne Every Night and Feature Columnist in our TOP Industry Magazines, ED Publications and Club Bulletin.  This is video one in our eight part series on how to sell more lap dances and VIP’s, also known as the champagne room.

How you approach your potential customers will set your stage for success
or failure! There are three distinctively powerful influences you can employ:

1. Display
2. Delivery
3. Demeanor

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The Importance of Flirting in How to Become a Stripper!

Apr 28 2011
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Smiling is an essential part of flirting!

Probably one of the most effective – as well as most enjoyable – ways to show someone you are attracted to them is through the seductive art of flirting. It is a vital part of engaging your client in conversation and can be expressed though words, touch, posture, movement, or even a look. Flirting is one of the few means of communicating erotic interest while maintaining social propriety. Often the greatest power you can command through flirting is the ability to be subtle yet undeniable in your approach.

Sometimes flirting is done among friends as well, just to tell each other that they care. It is very important to show that you are interested in your client because, as we will learn later, one of men’s basic needs is to be admired and appreciated for who they are and what they do.

Here Are Some Of My Top Flirting Techniques:

1.  Eye Contact is one of the most important things you can do, not to mention it is
the best way to make that initial connection.
This will show that you are engaged
with your client. This can also include winking and batting your eyes. If you keep
a fixed gaze on your client, as appropriate with a give and take, you will come
across as honest and sincere. You can also play with your eyes in ways that will
captivate a man and make him not want to leave!

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How to Increase Sales In Your Strip Club Business

Feb 16 2011
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strip club business sales

Strippers making themselves and their club money!

Whenever anyone makes a purchasing decision – Whether it’s for a new pair of shoes or a new home -they are making a purchase based on their need for a reward, while also avoiding taking too much of a risk. Your client is also seeking a reward – YOUR COMPANY -while minimizing his risk – giving you his money. Your objective is to show them that the reward of spending time in your dazzling, captivating presence is worth their letting go of a little cash!

Your Client Has Three Choices: He can buy from You, buy from Another Dancer, or Not Buy At All.

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Closing the Deal: The Process That Builds Revenue for Clubs and Dancers

Feb 5 2011
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Cleavage and ClosingClosing the deal is the hardest part of the sales process, and most dancers hate it.

We tense up, feel urgency, shy away, or start to make conversational mistakes. We can feel nervous and become uneasy because we have a fear of failure or rejection.

I have also seen dancers who are too pushy and abrupt. They will just go up to a customer and say, “Hey, want a dance?” This fails miserably every time because none of the groundwork has been established.

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