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DJ Aaron and Our Most Recent Dancer Radio Show with Enrique Arellano

Jun 6 2013
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These are the Five P's in Freedom V!  All the dancer has to do is climb the pole to get to the top!  It's that simple!

These are the Five P’s in Freedom V! All you have to do is climb the pole to get to the top! It’s that simple!

In our entertainer segment with DJ Aaron out of Jaguars Phoenix this week, hosted by the Planet Platypus Radio Network, we talk about HOW and WHY you need to build regular clientele to make the most out of your time at the club.

In short, it’s a come to Jesus meeting about attitude, customer service, and really, it’s mostly about how you can make the most money for yourself and your club as an exotic dancer today.

Also, DJ Aaron interviews a REALLY amazing up and coming artist, Enrique Arellano, from Solid Gold in Ft. Lauderdale.  It’s worth listening to for sure!

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Top 5 Ways to KEEP Your Cash as a Stripper FAQ

May 1 2013
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YouTube Preview Image
Common sense for exotic dancers

At the end of the day, common sense will rule all. Having common sense enough to be aware of your financial future can save your life!

It is so easy to treat stripper cash like monopoly money.  You may say to yourself, “oh, that’s only a $100 pair of shoes,” or “Gosh, this outfit and jewelry is a MUST have for THIS deal.” And then between going out to eat, partying, paying rent and your car note, you’ve got nothing to show for all of your hard earned money at the end of the very next day or week that you’ve made it!

Does any of this at all sound familiar to you?  So what’s the secret to keeping all of that money AWAY from the figurative gaping hole in your pocket?

Well, You know the rest by now!  Just check out the rest of our stripper blog here!

Keeping your money without frivolously falling into the perpetual spending trap takes discipline, very similar to watching what you eat.  If you ate bags and bags of candy every day, you would be “spending” way too many calories and the result would be a significant increase in your waist line!

Many people approach their temptations for chocolate and other vices by not having any of it in the house at all.  If it’s in front of you, you’ll eat it.

Well, the same thing goes for your money.  Until you develop and refine your discipline for saving, if it’s in front of you, you’ll spend it!

So what are the first steps you should take to get started and get OUT of the spending trap?

Step One:  Every night that you work, put a significant percentage of that money in an envelope that is in a portable and locked safe in your room.  You can entitle the envelope, “Do Not Touch.”  Or, “Off Limits!”  Slide it in a hiding place so that you won’t have the cash on you when you go to the store!  After about a week of doing this, you’ll be surprised at how much money you have SAVED.

Step Two:  Deposit your envelope money into a savings account.  Repeat weekly, or daily!  In this way you won’t be able to access it as easily, no writing checks, etc. And, the cash is gone and into a safe place where you can’t just make impulse buys.  Commit to the term, “savings” account for doing just that – saving!

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Top 5 Ways to Avoid Burn Out as an Exotic Dancer FAQ

Apr 23 2013
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YouTube Preview Image
Exotic Dancer Burnout

Take a moment to pace yourself, rest, get recharged, and get back into the game!

Many exotic dancers from across the globe get that “burned out” or “jaded” feeling.  It could happen after 2 years or 10 years.  It just depends on the person.  Melissa from Maryland asked us the following question:

“I’ve been a dancer for about 5 years now and I’m starting to get really tired of the same song and dance.  So how can I stay fresh, keep making “new girl” money during my entire career, and avoid feeling like my money and my career is out of my control?”

That is so well put.  I had that exact same feeling after a few years and let me tell you, there is nothing worse than being exhausted, walking into the doors of your club and feeling drained and not into it.

It takes a lot of energy to be an exotic dancer.  You have to be the host of your own party for hours and hours!  So, Here are the TOP ways that will keep you ON FIRE and focused and have fun while you do it, feeling good!

1.  Get 8 hours of sleep every night and after work, go home and go to bed as early as possible.  Studies have shown that your body repairs itself the most efficiently during the sleeping hours of 10pm to 2am.  After that it’s hit or miss unless you get even more than 8 hours of sleep.  So if you’re like most entertainers that don’t get off of work until 2:30am to 5am or 6am, don’t go and do anything else after work except shower and sleep.  This is so important because I know from experience that if you don’t get sleep, you can get crabby, depressed, sick, and just plain mean!  To get to functioning on all four cylinders make sure you go home and sleep after work, not party or go out.  Do that on your nights off!

2.  Take care of your body and don’t constantly pound it with too much alcohol or smoking.  Being sleep deprived plus getting drunk on a regular basis kills your energy not to mention your liver.  This will surely get you run down and sick, and then you can’t go make money at all!

3.  Space out your meals to five or six small meals a day to keep your blood sugar consistent and even.  Eating correctly, like we talk about in our fitness and nutrition section in Freedom V, will keep you energized and feeling and looking good!  Energy plus confidence plus good fuel for your body will help you to feel good and have the stamina to give your customers that fantasy experience all night long!  Even if you have to take quick breaks during your shift!

4.  Go on vacation regularly.  Sometimes when you want to quit altogether and get frustrated, angry or depressed about your income or people or customers, just take a nice vacation to somewhere where you can relax and not worry about anything. I did this every several months as a dancer and boy was it worth it.  I came back energized and recharged like I was brand new!

5.  Be smart with your money and utilize Freedom V principles.  Nothing is worse than being stressed because you HAVE to pay rent, etc.  Scared money never wins.  That’s a gambling term that means that if you go out on the floor desperate for money with deadlines and so forth, without having any money put away as a failsafe, you’ll end up burning yourself out very, very fast.  Most women dance for the money and making it is easy compared to keeping it.  Learn how to keep it so you won’t get put in a terrible situation!

YOUR FEEDBACK IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US – please comment on the blog below with any questions or concerns that you have!  Strippers from around the world are bound to chime in on the discussion!

You can find more in depth videos, education and training on our blog under the following categories in the navigation bar:

Freedom V

Champagne Inner Circle

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Top 4 Reasons to Go Into Your Strip Club Early as an Exotic Dancer!

Apr 10 2013
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Freedom V for Exotic Dancers

These beautifully famous women in the industry wouldn't be where they are now if they didn't have a strong work ethic for going into work before everyone else!

There is so much more money to be made as an exotic dancer by going into your gentlemen’s club early rather than late!  Having more entertainers working at one time will draw in massive crowds of men wanting more, not stifle your potential at making money!

All too often an entertainer won’t go into work if there are too many ladies present.  This is an uninformed decision based on not having the proper knowledge of how the business of gentlemen’s clubs work!  More entertainers = more customers, period!  Even if it does take a few months for the customers to catch on…

Here are the top reasons why YOU should go into work early in the afternoon and/or evening:

1.  You make more money because you work more hours and you come in contact with more customers.  It’s a numbers game.  If so many people turn you down for lap dances, there will be so many people that accept your offer!  That is basic sales!   Think about that when you have to pay your car note or your rent payment – or better yet – save money and prepare for a prosperous financial future!

2.  You get warmed up sooner and put on your A game by the time more customers come storming through the door.  You want to be ready for that and have a few hundred dollars under your belt by then!  Have you ever heard the saying, “success breeds success”?  Well, if you’ve been successful with making a few bucks before the big crowd comes in at night, you will be even more confidant when the time comes to make the big money, and you’ll be much more likely to do so!

3.  Your managers, bouncers, DJs and other staff will see that you have a great work ethic and that you mean business.  This will help them to see you as an asset and they will help send customers your way.  They’ll know your tip out will be bigger (if applicable at your club), the DJs will appreciate having you on the stage to draw in customers earlier, and it’s a win-win for you and for your club.  After all, the more girls that are working earlier, the more of a crowd you’ll draw in later on!  Don’t you want a chance to meet those high rollers early AND later?

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How to Be a Stripper: 5 Types of Dancewear Bottoms

Apr 4 2013
By :

Jennifer McCumber in Stripper Dancewear

A wonderful example of silky long pants, in pinstripe no less!

Choosing Sexy Stripper Dancewear Bottoms can be as fun as it is daunting!  You might be worried about your butt looking good and the cut of your bottoms making your waist or your thighs look thinner – I know the feeling you have on stage when you’ve nailed a great outfit verses when you’re not sure if you look your best!   We’re going to go into the five types of sexy stripper dancewear bottoms so that you can make sure you look your best when you’re choosing your wardrobe!

1.  Low Rise Bikini Bottoms
2.  Boy Shorts
3.  Short Stripper Skirts
4.  Long Stripper Gown Skirts
5.  Silky Long Pants

And with an added bonus, we’re even going to talk about the two general types of thongs:

1.  Thin Thongs
2.  Thick Thongs

Low Rise Bikini Bottoms are the most popular because they elongate and accentuate the entire length of your legs, and they even show a little butt cleavage.  They aren’t hiked up high on your waste like granny panties, they are low and so they elongate your torso.

Low Rise Bikini bottoms can come in Ruched sided, Tied sides, a Scrunched booty, and then traditional.  These are the kinds of things you want to consider when your shopping for dancewear bottoms for the strip club.

Boy shorts can look GREAT on you if you are thinner and you want to look more filled out, or if you are athletic and you want to show off your muscular physique.  They can look good on you if you have a voluptuous rear end because they give you more coverage back there and give the illusion that you’re bigger in the booty.

Short stripper skirts are ALSO very popular because most two-piece outfits leave you with this option.  Plus men like short skirts as well.  If you want to dress up your look without wearing too much clothing this is a great way to do that.

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The Truth About Breast Augmentation, the Recovery, and Life After

Mar 20 2013
By :
Jennifer McCumber Breast Augmentation Recovery

My breasts came out pretty good. I can make them look natural or wear a push up that adds some nice cleavage!

(by Jennifer McCumber) Having breast augmentation is something that every exotic dancer at least thinks about at some point in their career.  About 50% of all exotic dancers DO end up making the choice for enhancement.  You might be doing research right now on things you need to know, risks, rewards, recovery time and what to expect before, during, and after your surgery.

As a breast augmentation patient myself – I can tell you from experience all of the information that took me months and months to find – all in this video.  I grew up around plastic surgery as my grandfather is the premier plastic and reconstructive surgeon in north florida.  I’ve had quite a few procedures done and I’ve been around the business for a long time.

Hi I’m Jennifer McCumber, author of Freedom V, feature columnist for ED Publications and I’m leading the movement for exotic dancer education all over the world.

Recovery from breast augmentation takes about three weeks to get back to fully functioning again.  You should plan on taking two weeks off from work because you will not be able to lift your arms above your head or carry anything – if you opt to get your implants inserted underneath your chest muscles rather than above them, which most women do.  The doctors will advise you to keep your elbows hitched to your sides so that the internal stitches and implants can have a chance to heal in the correct position that they were placed.

After about two weeks you’ll be able to do really basic and gentle activities again and after three weeks, if the surgeon was indeed good, you will be able to get back into athletics and whatever you were doing before your surgery ever happened!

During the 12 hours before surgery you cannot eat or drink anything because you will be under general anesthesia.  The most common side effect of anesthesia is nausea, so if you’ve had surgery before and know that will be an issue, just ask for extra anti-nausea medication to be combined with your anesthesia medication.

Waking up after anesthesia is a very unique experience. 

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Your Boyfriend as a Stripper: The Top 5 Standards You Should Have

Mar 6 2013
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YouTube Preview Image
strippers having boyfriends

The great sex, partying, or whatever you do with an under-par boyfriend is never worth the effort. Find a man that lifts you up in life, not one who puts you down.

(by Jennifer McCumber) I’ve heard enough and I’ve seen enough in strip clubs, strippers personal lives, and the drama and devastation that exotic dancers can face when they have a boyfriend that is leaching off of them either emotionally or monetarily.  You may have a boyfriend that is jealous of what you do, or you may have gone on dates where a guy just can’t handle the fact that you are a stripper.

You may even be supporting a boyfriend, letting them live at your apartment or house for free, all while they spend all day playing Wii or having a job that is a low-paying job where they aren’t going anywhere but down or staying stagnant in their lives.

Whatever the case may be for you in particular, like if you have fights all of the time with the man in your life, or breaking up and getting back together – whatever – I have been there and I can tell you that it really sucks.  It also affects your self esteem and your income in the club.

When you are around people that bring you down in life, that is exactly where YOU will end up, wondering what will become of your life and if your dreams will ever become a reality.

So, after I got rid of the downer men in my life and found a fantastic one, I thought about all of the positive things that he has done for me, my career, and my mental outlook and I want to share these things with you so that you too can find someone that genuinely cares about you more than just your body.

It’s time to take out the garbage ladies!

Standard Number One:  He must

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Toxic Coworkers: Top 3 Ways to Deal with This as a Stripper

Jan 29 2013
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Toxic Coworkers Exotic Dancers

I'm sure you've seen this before! It's better to diffuse the conflict rather than get into a cat fight!

By Jennifer McCumber.  Some people who work in the gentlemen’s club industry aren’t exactly the most amiable individuals. There will be many of your coworkers who will be rough around the edges, snobbish, rude, belligerent, uncouth, and downright mean. I haven’t had too many issues with this, but the instances that I have dealt with are certainly worth mentioning.

Public humiliation isn’t a matter of if it happens, but when. Even your clients will do it sometimes. I remember walking through the door to my dressing room one night to get dressed and ready for action. I put on my sexiest outfit – which is, in fact, pictured all over the blog as one of my top five best outfits. When I walked out of the dressing room, another dancer said to me, “You know, I think you’re getting too big in the shoulders. Don’t you think you need to tone it down on the workouts?”

She said this to me this in front of ALL of the other dancers. And was dead serious. Everyone just kind of stopped what they were doing and looked at us, and I was so embarrassed.  Of course, she herself was only five feet tall and very out of shape. In my heels, I’m 6’2’’, and standing next to her I made her seem like a dwarf in comparison. I was also just starting out with my fitness modeling routines, and had just gotten back from Venice, CA.

Jenn McCumber stripping instructor

This is the outfit that I looked too "manly" in. I don't think so! Ha ha!

I blew it off, which is certainly one way to handle it. The other way would be to stand up for myself, which I was never really good at doing, especially growing up. I had also had toxic boyfriends in the past that tried to rule me, change me, and tell me that I wasn’t good enough just being me.

Isn’t it funny how we never think to say what we really want to say when we are in these situations? You always think about it later and wish you would have ripped into them!

But then, that isn’t a good solution either, especially since you will have to work with these people. It’s not a good idea to burn bridges, or even pass along gossip. Trust me, news travels fast about what he said/she said.

All in all, The best way to deal with these situations is:

1.    Get the offender away from the scene and away from other people.

2.    Ask them in private, “Well, what did you really mean by that?” Let them talk. Don’t put them on the defensive or cast blame. Give them a chance to apologize or explain.

3.    Let them know if they have something derogatory to say, to at least tell you in private or call you. By saying this in front of your coworkers, it just puts everyone in an uncomfortable spot.

If they still choose to disrespect you:

1.    Just blow this person off and keep the relationship as businesslike as possible; i.e. “hello,” “goodbye,” etc.

2.    Request not to work with them anymore if possible, and only be around them if you have to.

3.    Don’t tip this person out as much as you do others if applicable: if you walk softly and carry a big stick, i.e. not being mean or confrontational, but hitting them in the pocket where it hurts, then they will back off.

4.    Know that you don’t have to deal with these people for very long, and then don’t worry about it. Turn your nervous energy into lap dances and VIPs! Let it make you better at what you do.

YOUR FEEDBACK IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US – please comment on the blog below with any questions or concerns that you have!  Strippers from around the world are bound to chime in on the discussion!

You can find more in depth videos, education and training on our blog under the following categories in the navigation bar:

Freedom V

Champagne Inner Circle

This is Jennifer McCumber Here wishing you the best of success!

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Jennifer McCumber on the DJ Platypus Show: How To Make More Money Now By Building a Better Exotic Dancer

Jan 24 2013
By :
Jennifer McCumber featured on the Planet Platypus Radio Show

"If Cash Is King, the Entertainers Are Queen"

By Jennifer McCumber.  I had the privilege of being featured on the DJ Platypus Radio Show on Tuesday night and it JUST came out for your listening pleasure!  But we’ll get to the show in a moment!

DJ Platypus is one of the most legendary DJs in the Strip Club industry, working for Rick’s Cabaret at Tootsie’s in Miami and managing all of the other DJs in the Rick’s Cabaret Chain – now 36 clubs strong.  One hell of an achievement.  And he does an outstanding job at it.

This particular show was revolutionary and very vital to our industry in a few ways.  One, it shows how when the going gets tough, we stick together and support each other like a family.

Daisy Duxe, one of the hosts of the weekly show and also now the marketing director of Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami, FL, almost didn’t make it after going to the hospital and had to be put on borer-line life support for an intense kidney infection and all other kinds of things that went wrong with the beautiful, young and intelligent lady.

She managed to call into the show last night and for the first 20 minutes of the show Plat, Johnny Walker and Mr. and Mrs. Voice spoke with her over the phone from her hospital bed where she is finally recovering.  What a trooper!

As promised, I said on Facebook that I would mention WHY I feel her pain.  It’s one of the reasons you ladies out there shouldn’t take your career for granted because your body has a limited amount of years to do this kind of work.  You are an athlete, a businesswoman and an entertainer all in one!  It’s easy to feel invincible and on cloud nine when you’re on stage, but the one thing we cannot escape is our own immortality.

This is the REAL reason why you've seen me wear scarves in some of my videos! Don't worry though, the battle scars are healing now!

Late last year I was hospitalized and had to have two neck surgeries due to some athletic injuries to fix a condition called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.  I didn’t have the fatal kind, but it can turn fatal if left untreated, and just the pain and suffering of being in the hospital sick, having a 6-7 hour surgery twice, and being in excruciating pain – I truly felt sorry and I felt her pain as she was finally able to talk over the phone for the first segment of our show on Tuesday.

When times get tough you really appreciate your health and you certainly won’t ever take it for granted again.  The opportunity to exotic dance is a very limited time – 10, 15 years if you’re lucky, which is why we talked about what we did on the show – how can we build a better exotic dancer NOW?  How can strip clubs make more money NOW?  If CASH is KING, the entertainers are certainly QUEEN, and the issue in our industry MUST be addressed about how we can create a win-win situation with clubs AND exotic dancers working TOGETHER to make their customers happy, and come back over and over again!

Without further ado, you can listen to the show by clicking =>HERE<= or the picture below!  Our segment starts at 20 minutes into the show!

Jennifer McCumber on Planet Platypus Radio

The One and Only DJ Platypus Radio Show!

EXPO Panel Sessions in 2010!

From exciting stripper tales to my experiences at doing rock-star style, transformational seminars at clubs, the main theme of the show was how clubs can attract and build the best entertainers possible.  The DJ Plat crew got to know me last night for the first time (it was a virginal experience!) and they all came to the conclusion that Freedom V and the following top 10 principles (although they didn’t get to ALL of them last night on the show) is what the industry needs to solve their entertainer problems and raise their bottom line.

Ladies – I’m going to address the club owners and managers for a moment and I want to hear your feedback and comments on the blog as to what you think of these 10 things.  Do you have them at your club?  If you DON’T and you did, would you feel more motivated and incentivised to work longer and harder to reap more rewards?  IE More money!?  Because if you haven’t realized this already, how much money the club makes is in direct proportion to how much YOU will make as an entertainer.  You are irrevocably linked and when one suffers the other suffers.  So…

Whether you’re a blue-collar club or part of a major club chain, there’s virtually no adult night club that wouldn’t want to add more quality entertainers to their current “line-up” of girls, no matter how crowded their dressing room is on a Saturday night.  So what do you do to attract the best entertainers to work in YOUR club over another?  What are the top 10 ways to build a better stripper and love the ones you’re with?

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Top 10 Keys to Success as an Exotic Dancer

Jan 4 2013
By :


Happy New Year to Strippers!

Happy New Year! Cheers to your success as an exotic dancer! Click this picture to step up your A Game!

Here is a concise list of the top 10 ways that you can be successful as an exotic dancer – whether you are just learning how to become a stripper or whether you’ve been dancing for 10 years.  It will also embed success skills for when you move on in your life and in your career.  Having this visual in your locker, dressing room, mirror or refrigerator will work wonders at helping you to stay on your A game!

Hi!  I’m Jennifer McCumber, Author of Freedom V, Creator of the Champagne Inner Circle and I’m leading the movement for exotic dancer education all over the world.

Here are the Top 10 things you need:

1. Find your inner hunger and your inner passion, and commit yourself to living it. Let your desire to attain your dreams fuel your will and your drive to succeed. Be flexible and learn to rebound when obstacles appear. Having tough skin and a solid sense of yourself and your goals is necessary in life and in this business.

2. Determine what you really want out of life. Turn that knowledge into your life goal. What are you willing to do–or do without–in order to achieve it? Write it down and remind yourself daily what you are going to achieve. There is no reward without sacrifice, but the greatest sacrifice is living without reward. Don’t let anything stop you!

3. Always look for a better way. Find more efficient ways of doing things. Find and develop the creativity that lives deep in the core of your true self. We all have it, so pull yours up, call it to action and use it!

4. Love your work! Make a commitment to yourself to become the best dancer in this business. Being great at what you do from your heart and soul is the key to loving and accepting yourself as a whole person, and understanding how very much you are worth. Prove yourself to yourself and no one can ever take that away from you!

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