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How to Be a Stripper: 5 Types of Dancewear Bottoms

Apr 4 2013
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Jennifer McCumber in Stripper Dancewear

A wonderful example of silky long pants, in pinstripe no less!

Choosing Sexy Stripper Dancewear Bottoms can be as fun as it is daunting!  You might be worried about your butt looking good and the cut of your bottoms making your waist or your thighs look thinner – I know the feeling you have on stage when you’ve nailed a great outfit verses when you’re not sure if you look your best!   We’re going to go into the five types of sexy stripper dancewear bottoms so that you can make sure you look your best when you’re choosing your wardrobe!

1.  Low Rise Bikini Bottoms
2.  Boy Shorts
3.  Short Stripper Skirts
4.  Long Stripper Gown Skirts
5.  Silky Long Pants

And with an added bonus, we’re even going to talk about the two general types of thongs:

1.  Thin Thongs
2.  Thick Thongs

Low Rise Bikini Bottoms are the most popular because they elongate and accentuate the entire length of your legs, and they even show a little butt cleavage.  They aren’t hiked up high on your waste like granny panties, they are low and so they elongate your torso.

Low Rise Bikini bottoms can come in Ruched sided, Tied sides, a Scrunched booty, and then traditional.  These are the kinds of things you want to consider when your shopping for dancewear bottoms for the strip club.

Boy shorts can look GREAT on you if you are thinner and you want to look more filled out, or if you are athletic and you want to show off your muscular physique.  They can look good on you if you have a voluptuous rear end because they give you more coverage back there and give the illusion that you’re bigger in the booty.

Short stripper skirts are ALSO very popular because most two-piece outfits leave you with this option.  Plus men like short skirts as well.  If you want to dress up your look without wearing too much clothing this is a great way to do that.

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